April 19, 2006

OH Canada! Who's Bluffing Whom?

oh the irony! west vancouver, canada's wealthiest municipality, has about 50 protestors set up in tents at eagle ridge bluffs. these people don't want the expansion of the sea to sky highway, the road that will take all to the whitler olympics, paving over some beloved hiking trails.

meantime, back in ontario, a media blackout continues as the six nation's clan mothers protest the illegal developement of illegally sold land, their land. helicopters are flying over, paddy wagons are cruising, jail cells and hospital wards have been cleared out in anticipation of the police setting foot on these traditional lands...once that happens, it is bound to provoke.

the west van protestors are getting headlines while enduring some discomfort in their high-end tents, using high-end camping gear, and having people run to starbucks for them. still, good on them (despite never protesting the on-going clearcut of a portion of west van known as the biristh properties). they're keeping in touch with their lawyers on their cell phones and i'm sure it will be of great interest should the gordie campbell regime decide to have anyone arrested.

stephan harper has been making a visit to vancouver while this is happening. i wonder if he's getting wind of all those emails, letters and faxes in support of the six nations protestors?

interesting that the protestors are camped out on squamish nation traditional lands.

in kinda feel sorry for the west van kid in the pic who's holding the canadian flag. i mean come on, who's really being bluffed? his/her mom and dad probably contributed to gordie's campaign. mom and dad will have some fun while protesting for the first time, learn some social activism stuff, then feel either triumphant or let down depending on the outcome. but it's all good, they're trying, and it only proves what i've been saying for a few years now, 'in the end 'they'll' be protesting 'themselves'.

but i wonder if that kid will ever know that first nations have been protesting the theft of their land for centuries, and that same nation, canada, that allows those kids to sit up there waving the flag, only perpetuates continued theft and genocide? just wondering, that's all.

time for a peanut butter sandwhich, oh ya!

Hey girlscout
Ironies abound here, huh?
Bluffers tenting out on squamish land.
I take your point about going easy on the bluffers but hell, we know some of them. Ex West Van Councillor Liz Bird - very big on native rights and the environment. And the Green Party guy. So yeah, good for them.

Top 12 minutes of the CBC tube news tonight was all Six Nations protest. Pretty good coverage, I thought. Not enough history but they did do a recap of Ippewash.
Nothing at all on the bluffers but they got their 12 minutes the previous night.

Good post.
like i say, good for them...maybe they'll be spurred into doing more of this, maybe more will join in, it's all good.

ya the media blackout FINALLY ended over the six nations protest. it's only been going out to the media for a few months now but seems they had to wait for an 'incident.

the bluffers will be backpaged to local news now, watch for six nations coverage as the rcmp prepare to go in and who knows, maybe they'll pull another oka and send in the army.

lLOVED your pic of the bluffs, did i remember to leave a comment about that?
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