April 20, 2006

Top This, Layton!

As if all that glad-handing and kissing babies wasn't enough for Harper while in Vancouver to promote the kid-payola scheme...the guy had to go and top things off by posing on a crucifix! Determined that his challenge of a non-confidence vote be held and anticipating a forced election that would see canada's moral majority be just that, The Harpseal went all out with this one.

"It was fun," said Harper, "and really, it's those creative publicity guys that came up with the idea. The maple leaf stigmata and crown was really ingenious, but I like crawling into the abs 'o steel prosthetic the best".

Now it's up to Layton. Let's see if he pulls another powerplay to gain more N.D.P. seats and leave us suffering with yet another incompetant minority government.

For more on crucifixtion: Shryberland

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Kid-payola, hah!

Are you a David Cross fan?
He has this great bit from 'Shut Up You Fucking Baby' where he pretends to be a hillbilly voter talking to a Rethug poli.

"$300? You're gonna give me $300?
All I gotta do is let you change the legislature and the judiciary and make your rich friends richer, and you're gonna give me $300 for that?
What's the catch?"

Anyway, dropped by to tell you your crucifiction's up at Shryberspace.
shryberspace? i'm so out of things...what's that?

what was the deleted comment, i missed it...maybe i would have liked it.
It was just me. Same post. Blogger ate it but I made him cough it back up.
I see you found Shryberman.

You know, honey, I don't think you're supposed to leave that cucumber facial peel on for this long.
i think shryberman found me...i didn't add the link, oh oh a cough is ensuing (hack hack). not that i mind.

that cucumber is actually a facial tatoo i had done whilst on safari in the deepest darkest of undiscovered places (the padded cell....someone had left a needle on the floor and i have green blood like mr. spock...worked out nicely, didn't it?)
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