July 10, 2006

Harpo Cabineto

Heir Harper's Cabineto, in order of precedence, according the Governenment of Canaduh Website:

The Right-Wing Honourary Prime Mordial Steve Harping

Rob-us Nicklesanddimes, Leader of the Goverment in the House of We Don't Want Commoners, Minister for Democratic REFORM Party

I thought you left notice that you were backing off of this blog?!
I'm glad you didn't - this is some gut splitting shit!
Keep it up!
thanks youngfox. i said it could mean one hour to one month, and i didn't have to read the news to do these :)
I'm glad you didn't back off this blog too, Scout. Your blog is the one I look at before all others, even my own. Your witty, irreverent humour makes my day! (Like you, I've decided to back off from my blog for a while, and try to enjoy summer... Too much bad news and it bothers me so much that my blood-pressure goes way up. I find I'm getting burned out. So you can see by my blog that I haven't been posting my usual ... Need to relax a bit.. But your stuff is sooo good that I'm here daily. I find it therapeutic :)
oh annamarie, you're such a gem! i just take the shit that happens and make fun, unlike you bloogers who do all the research.... 'you deserve a break today! ' . appreciate what you do, but ya, take a well deserved REST!!!
I don't get it...Why is this supposed to be funny?
How is any of this "humor", "parody", "funny", "witty", or "satire"????
can't help you there, said....if you don't get it, you don't get it.
best regards, nice info » » »
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