July 06, 2006

The Birthday Boy

President Georgie Porgie Puddin' 'n Pie seen here donning his birthday gifts from STEVE. The softwood lumber STUMPede cowboy hat and belt buckle look dashing, and the Inuit cufflinks have that certain, ah, er, certain northern light to them. Yup, they like things big in Texas, though Laura has her complaints that not everything's THAT big.

I made this for Alison at Creekside, just cause she's a great gal and inspiring...and we're friends.
Hey Alison...you outta the darkroom yet???

I think I have some of those cufflinks!

Can't get a kind-of Norman Rockwell image out of my head of Georgie, in his birthday suit, modeling just his new hat and buckle for Steve somewhere deep in the white house. Ugh! Gotta find some Brain Lavoris!
it's obvious this is a photoshp.....nore the jeans and 'dressing to the right' , but i believe georgie is right handed , would dress to the left and not have quite the bulge of this dude.
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