May 22, 2006

General Stephen Custard

He's so "All American Boy Next Store", it must be Custard, not Custer.

It's good to refer to people like Bush and 'Shrub' Harper as Hitler. It's good to protest Canada's extension of troops to Afghanistan. It's good to keep an eye out what we are doing internationally, nationally and locally.

We're avoiding something though, and that's the ongoing genocide of Native Indians in Canada and the United States (Turtle Island). Harper may better be portrayed as General Custer. CONTINUED Native Indian genocide is considered the largest genocide in world history.

Some non-natives feel they have no right, no voice to express their stand against how the government deals with First Nations. Everyone has every right and it will take all to help.

One of the barriers came down today at Caledonia as a goodwill gesture by Six Nations, while some Caledonian non-natives erected their own barricade. the mindset of 'The Colonizer' has brainwashed too many. That's pretty caustic soap they've been using, must have a high 'lie' content (pardon the pun).

MIGHT VS RIGHT: The winners write the history, and determine curriulum. I think this is a major factor in the wide-spread ignorance of the general Canadian public about Aboriginal issues today. Education is THE KEY. Keep up the good work.
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