May 19, 2006

"Do You Think Stephen Has Magic?"

(if you don't know the tune you can download "Do You Believe in Magic' by the Lovin Spoonful from your fave source)

Do You Think Stephen Has Magic?

Do you think Stehen has magic
In his darkened heart
How can the cosmos free him
Whenever he starts
With dark magic that's so un-groovy
it gets kinda scary like a horror movie

I'll tell ya 'bout dark magic
That's bankrupted his soul
But it's like trying to tell a stranger
About being in 'the know'.

If Stephen has dark magic, don't fall in his shoes
It's just his bad karma and he's got reformer blues
Don't bother to listen
Always keep your smile
It won't wipe off your face no matter how hard they try
Start your feet tapping so the light you find
Will keep beyond him
So he can't blow your mind

If you think Stephen has dark magic
Come along with me
We'll dance till morning at the Protest Tree
And maybe, if the music's of the light
We can all use our voices to set things right
We'll go a dancin' baby then you'll see
The good magic's gonna rule and our voices are free!. Yeah!

Does Stephen have dark magic? Yeah.
Stephen tap into your soul
Believe in light magic, it's the people's role
Believe in our magic, it will set us all free
Ohhhhh, talkin' bout magic

Do you believe like I believe
Do you believe in good magic?
Do you believe in good magic?
Do you believe in good magic?
Do you believe in good magic?

Typo on album cover otherwise keep up your enjoyable work. Helsp to make my day :0

Erghhhh the tune and rythym have stuck with me.
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