May 14, 2006

Canadian Mint Releases New Currency

Prime Minister Heir Stehpen Harper revealed the new currency notes and coins today. Pleased that the Mint followed his orders, Harpboy said he hopes the currency will reflect the new face of the 51st state.

Featured are Savage Indian Affairs Minister Jim Apprentice on the Quarter, because he's a two-bit politician. The Loon now takes on the face of the man who minor-minded the Conservative-Alliance meld, Peter MucKay. The lovely Doris Day, Soliciter Gerneral...oops, I mean Minister of Public Safety (so hard to keep up with the neo-con word games) graces our Five Dollar bill, while Injustice Minister Vic Toewnails is plastered on the sawbuck.

Who won the $20 bill placement? None other then Monte Soldierberg. The Alliance right-wing christians who dress up in fatigues to promote war deserve this commonly used paper.

Harpboy, aka 'Shrub' placed himself on the fifty to allow Bush on the higher denomination of $100 buckaroos.

Shrub has yet to make up his mind who will be on the penny-ante, wooden nickel, and dime a dozen.

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