May 25, 2006

The Neo Con-artist Propoganda Game

Those looney neo-cons! Natch the Ottawa Press Gallery is having a fit after The Shrub declared he would no longer hold national press conferences. Harpseal (join the club) declared "HE" would decide which members of the press he would take questions from, so the press walked out. The Bush would be proud!

This candid photo caught Heir Harper conferring with press secretary Joseph Goebbels. A listener said the two were discussing an approiate balcony to make all speeches from and the chuckle came when building a castle complete with plebes in the moat was mentioned.

I don't mean to quibble with your fine police work here, Scout, but the other guy looks more like recently retired Frank Carlucci.

So I guess we're ok then.
hmmmmmm. perhaps google images put carlucci's photo with hitler instead of goebbels.

reminds me of the war time song:
hitler, he's only got one ball
(then i forget the rest but it ends with:)
and goebbels has no balls at all !
best regards, nice info film editing classes
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