June 07, 2006


King: I said off with his head!
Fool: 'is 'ead is off, yer majesty
King: But he's still talking!
Fool: er, ah, yar, yer majesty
King: What good is cutting his head off if he's still going to make speeches?
Fool: yer 'ighness, me suspects e's a borg.
King: Well shut him up!
Fool: er, see yer 'ighness, it doesn't work that way
King: Why not?
Fool: well, er, e's a politician.
King: Get some royal tape of the duct!
Fool: yes, yer 'ighness. anything else?
King: Find a politician with a brain
Fool: you jest!
King: One, whom when he or she says, 'transparent' it doesn't mean that their plots are.
Fool: hmm. perhaps the yellow pages has a listing. yellow journalism doesn't
King: Fetch my fox hunting steed and dispose of the head in the moat.
Fool: yes yer 'ighness. more water on the brain, then, right, bow, curtsey, i'm gone.

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