June 04, 2006


CLONED MULES WIN RACE!!!! I've sunk to an all-time low by browsing Fox News, then i find an all-time low story about a pair of cloned mules in a race. what the??? can't wait to see me with cloned grandchildren competing in spelling bees.

that does it, i'm swearing off blogging for a while. i even dreamt i had a third breast last night thanks to a post by havril 'call me a fire retardant but' at insert something clever. AHHHH, i woke up after i saw myself naked and a mole beside my breasts....someone commented on the mole being another breast, i looked down and there was a signifigant protrusion with a nipple.

I knew someone with a third breast once. Anne Boleyne had one, too, apparently, and extra digits. Cloris Leachman, too, has three breasts. Your dream is likely just symbolic of your increasing awareness that there are many, many more tits out there than there rightly should be
hahahaha! i knew someone with three breasts...darndest thing. i think the dream was more about my third eye, but i would certainly say you're right, there's a lot of boobs around - how many politicians in this country?
I accept no responsibility for your superfluous breastage, real or imagined. And quit sending me those photos!
damn you havril, no one was supposed to know about those pics! i wouldn't have the third mammory gland if it weren't for you sending me all those genetically modified grapes!!!
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