June 02, 2006

Cutlery Mix-up

David Petersen, former Ontario Premier who's been 'negoatiating' with Six Nations, seems to have his cutlery mixed up.

Peteresen's traded in his silver spoon so he can speak with silver forked tongue.

It's been reported that all politicians involved with Six Nations,including some co-opted natives, were seen at the Ottawa Birks selecting patterns for their forks. The most popular non-native selection was the Saxon Carving Fork, while native overall choice was the Marlborough Pickle Fork.

All are signed up at the Idol Registry if you want to add to their collection.

ARTICLE from Native Sovereignty where you can find Six Nations updates and articles, plus a 'letter writing' page that give the emails of Canadian politicians. This also lists international and national bodies and media links.

Harper came to a fork in the road, and he, he took the road most travelled...
ha, yes, and he walked heavily and carried a small stick. yay though he walks through the harper valley of decay. hmm, i think you've just given me an idea, thanks!!!
a small something, to be sure...guys like that are compensating for something.
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