June 09, 2006

U.S. Border Patrol into Caledonia!

i guess george and stephen had a good telephone talk the other day. an american suv, obvious border patrol, entered six nations territory at caledonia. hmmm. to go along with things, a grey sedan went onto the reclamtion site and the people were shouting racist comments. they got chased off , right into a parking lot where an anti-native t.v. station HAPPENED to have a camera person waiting. hmm again.

native men pummelled the guys. harp-dissacord now seems to have most of the ammo he needs to send the army in cause they're now cruising about. wonder what other set ups will go on? i don't think the politician's cries of 'transparency' really meant for us to see through their plots, but if that's what's happening they're only to blame.

what next, will the emporer harper wear no clothes?


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