July 11, 2006

Horseshoe Up Bum

What's with some people? CTV and BBC did stories on this Canadian guy who started with a giant paperclip and kept trading it until he was given a house.

I tried, starting with these funky glasses that need no prescription, and ended up with this dwelling. geeeeeeze!

The only thing better than the most useless story on the planet, is a shitty post about it...

thank you, knight. i try my best to keep up shitty standards.
Funny, he likes to take pathetic digs but he just can't stay away.

I think he has a crush on you.
(eeeeew)greasy neocon wankers...
yes, but knights are cute, youngfox, and his posts do get me over to his site, which i have no issue with. it's nicely laid out, he uses different colour fonts for each post in a readable size, and has a cool arial shot of kim jong's palace.

never mind the content, it's opinion and doesn't hurt me.

i do wonder how long it takes to polish all that armour though, and if he uses an eco-friendlier product. oh, i think knighs have assistants to do that but i can't remember what you call them, squires or something.
*snigger* - i'm a just a newbie blogger and WOAH! you guys and gals are far too quick-witted for me to keep pace with *snort* but [said she with eyelashes batting] I do have this lovely crochet covered coat hanger and i'm thinking waterfront tent site on Hornby Island ... care to make me an offer?
$one million for the coat hanger. i won't go a penny less. a gazillion for the waterfront tent....oh, hard bargainer are ya....right then, 5 cents more, that's my final offer!
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