July 10, 2006

Liberated from the Georgia Straight

Harperstein. Interesting read...harpo/fraser insitute.

Dood- just checking out some of your stuff. I likey! I likey alot.
thanks mr. k-dough. i visit your spot quite frequently.
Coolio. I shall link to you like the sausage that I am.
Man I miss picking up the Straight while lounging on some Commercial Drive patio, petting stranger dogs and sipping non-corporate coffee.
I would imagine you are well aware of how lucky you are to be living on the left coast.
Mind you living in Onscario has its advantages; I’m just at a loss to think of one right now…
The final sentences in that article made me feel sick to my stomach. I cannot believe that people in this country are so fucking dense as to sell us out to empire for a few superficial tax cuts that don’t even balance out the Neocon personal tax increases.
I thought this country had some soul. I never thought I would be proven so drastically wrong so quickly.
I always thought our citizenry would be slow to take up arms and murder strangers over badly concocted half-truths and outright lies.
I mean, we are at war because of 11/09/01?

Canaduh, indeed.

Folks have dug your Cabineto (save for the putz who feigned a lack of understanding in your comments section below).
The marvellous Corrine at Y.Y.C. even linked ya!
Excelsior, Scout!
I was reminiscing with my wife about how you used to kick my ass off back in the days when the Babble forum was worth visiting but then it occurred to me that you might not be that particular ‘Scout’– are you?)
k-sausage...thanks, ditto.

youngfox...cool, thanks! well, now you can check out the straight online!!! um, don't recall ever 'doing' babble. in fact, not quite sure what babble is. i've always been a bit 'out of step'.
Don't worry about babble, you're not missing anything these days.
(it is the once interesting online forum of rabble.ca)
Come to think of it you are a little bit too light hearted to be that 'Scout'.
Keep on truckin'
Where did you find it? Interesting read
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