October 13, 2006

Prayer Time !

Your thoughts, prayers, meditation (whatever method you use) are needed this weekend for Six Nations on Sunday, October 15th. This is the day non-native protesters are holding a 'peaceful' march onto the Douglas Creek Estates (Haldiman tract) that 6N reclaimed in April. Peaceful? If peace were intended the protesters would march to the OPP office or the legislative grounds or parliament hill....they are, after all, saying they are protesting what they consider the government's failure and the OPP's unfair treatment of non-natives (ya right).

Gary McHale of Richmond Hill (that's right, Richmond Hill, not Caledonia) is heading up the march with the assistance of the dastardly Caledonia Wakeup Call Gang. McHale is an obvious plant and I'm sure this group will be hiring plants again to do their best to instill violence against six nations and provoke violence. Then Gary and his wakeup gang and the governments will get what they want...the media will one-sidedly report again about the dumb fuckin' injuns.

McGuinty could have issued an injunction. Governor General Michealle Jean could have followed the protocal bequested of her by the Clan Mothers and the Queen from the beginning. Who are these politicians and private citizens? Probably all part of Mr. Christ's Army. Speaking of which, that's what the feds want most....violence and the army, who have had troops stationed around there since before day 1 to go in and Ipper-white-wash away. Minerals and land, that's what it's all about....keep killing those injuns!

For more depth and detail please see
Mohawk Nations News (click on 'news'). For other info and p.o.v. please see K-Dough's Canada "Caledonia Rally Railing", Youngfox Canada"Caledonia Reclamation Protest to Receive Unwanted Visit From Attention Seeking Meatheads" , Verbena-19 Six Nations Peace Gathering on Sunday, October 15th! (Annamarie is still having probs with beta blogger so scroll down).

6N's plan? Hold a potluck peace gathering :)

So light your insence, your smudge sticks, spark an owl, spread tobacco, leave a little food on your plate for the ancestors, stand or sit or lie down, put your hands together, have them in your pocket, hold them in front of you, whatever you do that sends your positive vibes to Six Nations for strength, and send those rays of love to the non-native protesters in the hopes that their covered hearts and minds will open (send nasty thoughts you'll get it back ten-fold, send love you'll get it back three-fold). We can all join in with the 6N spirit warriors on this one!!!!

M'gwetch, Osium, HiHi.

*btw, you can still vote below in the 'makeover' of everyone's favorite canadian rapist. we'll get that composite drawing yet....nothing like gang-banging your own country in the name of the babe in swaddlings.

Baffling to me that someone who lives 110 kilometers away from Caledonia and cannot even spell it correctly on his website could rally anyone at all to his cause.
We're off to the Potluck for Peace being held at the site today.

Here's some further links that might be of interest:
Hi Scout. Good post. These wretched bigot Klan thugs will not prevail. If my motorbike hadn't been put away for the winter I would be up there right now to show my solidarity with the people of the Six Nations. Although my new and peaceful Warrior Spirit might have been tested to the breaking point...Bu I'm with them all the same...Solidarity forever!!
Oh wait....update...update...Klan Klown rally now just Fat Klown tailgate party. Bloated Bigot McHale makes idiot out of himself (that was easy) by addressing pathetically small bunch of rednecks. Small enough to fit in the back of a pickup truck....Police still concerned that rubes may do something really rube. Like get really drunk, try to set a wooden cross on fire, and end up burning themselves. Fire Department ordered to the scene...along with a stupidity translator... just in case fat bigot McHale can't get his hood off and find his way back to Toronto...stay tuned for further dramatic developments...
alison, the guy is an obvious plant. same old tactics, try to rile injuns to make them look bad. wonder how much he got paid for his fizzled out march?

amelopsis, can't wait to hear your and youngfox's reports. good on ya for going (still envious and imagining all the frybread and other treats!) dang, missed your links due to trying to get new printer to PRINT all weekend!!!

simon, hey otto! thanks for the update, will await news tomorrow morning to hear if there were any 3am stupid antics. too bad about your pony being tied up, a spirit warrior like yourself coulda had fun there!
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