October 10, 2006

Steve Gets Strict

Our boy Steve says he's getting strict when it comes to emission controls.

Translated this means neo-cons will now wear gas masks while espousing their polluted, hot, yucky air , which will result in Kyoto standards being doubled in half the time. Brilliant!

I can see Boreen now with goosebumps as she awaits a spanking from hubby dear. More neo-con sex images.....EWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

*copy of 'Green Steve's' speech "In fact, that is what they said generally about the last Conservative government – until, earlier this year, they finally acknowledged it to be the greenest in Canada’s history."....right, as green as Linda Blair's barf. Anyone else smell another 'Made in Vancouver announcement to appease Olympic draw bullshit crapola to raise the world's perception of the deeply integrated Reform Party"?

NOTE: Alison at Creekside recently posted this little gem of a soul protestor at the Peace Arch. My apologies to others who posted this too, I saw it on a few of my 'regular circuit' sites but, alas, menopause detracts from the mind once again to put more power to the intuitive.

Harper = Bush = Harper = Bush...any questions?
naw, lesson done, lot's graduated, too many more to go :)

you got any of that thar con-smog floatin' round your area?
Bill, Bush at least has some opinions of his own, how rotten they may be. Harper strictly depends on speech-writer borrowed from Bush. Scout, I forgot Speech writer's name.
the anon....steve's speech writer's name is Polly the Parrot. maybe soon she'll forward us a copy of something coming up :)
Somehow... Steve looks more intelligent in that mask?
q, i think it could be part of the 'all new steve ' fashion make-over.
We've still got a year's worth of "consultations" with industry reps, ie, Neo-Con cronies, before any of this will , if ever, see the light of day. I don't know if maybe they might want to consult, oh, maybe an environmental scientist or two, they may be able to provide some assistance. But when Rona appoints a phoney christian thug to her chief of staff, we can look forward to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. I don't feel any comfort with the reform party in charge. (let's start calling them what they really are...the reform party.)
Hey Scout
Thanks for throwing Sven a link for his Peace Arch protest.

And no, no one else has posted it but you probably saw my YouTube link on the weekend. I just thought he deserved a bit more publicity for being so ballsy all on his ownsome, for actually doing something.

Wonder what those Canadians entering the States for Thanksgiving thought as they drove by him. Probably most had never even heard of the Military Commisions Act.

Waterboy : Reform/Alliance/Con has always worked for me. ;-)
"as green as Linda Blair's barf"

...or the all mighty US greenback?
hey waterboy! nice to see ya, been a while. was reading about rona-revvy's party hack appointment today. what really kills me is steve using 'holistic approach' to SMOG. holitistc my ass, the big corps will still benefit , not much will change. maybe the mission alliance church will pray it all away for us.

alison, my pleasure to post the link. i'm always meaning to post more links to fellow bloggers of the same mind set, but usually after i've posted at night, THEN i surf and am too tired then can't remember in the morning , ah well. i would think sven's protest probably raised fear in some, distain in others and a good dose of 'YES!' ....with too many going, 'what does he mean?'.

havril!!! maybe the greenback is made of linda's barf? gee, and just as i constructed my next post this morning, ya had to come along and say that!!! nice to see yer smilin' hand.
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