October 07, 2006

If Only They Were Normal #10- Michael Ignatieff

Liberal Leadership contenter Michael Ignatieff, if he were normal:

"Yup. You'll get nothing but straight talk from me. I think we've had enough of politicians who can't shoot from the hip. No more fucking around with fancy-dancy intellectual bullshit and promises, this time it's going to be for the people and I don't want anyone knowing who my dad is, hear? That's got nothing to do with anything. A little common sense, nose to the grindstone, roll up our sleeves and get to work is what it's going to be. There was a time a person knew what a liberal was and stood for, well I'm bringing that back and there's no effin way my tax dollars or anyone elses are getting wasted on a useless war. I gotta get back to the job here and I don't have a zillion speeches saying the same thing over and over so if you'll excuse me I'm gonna finish up then have some beer with regular citizens and listen to what THEY have to say."

Lovely, Iggy the neocon getting ready to screw us with a power drill under the guise of being 'liberal'.
Can't wait.
Should keep you employed for many more years scout?
oh ya, i'd love to work for iggy.....NOT! if he gets in i'm putting ads up on this site for sure.
If only he was normal. Otherwise Iggy-Piggy is for the war. I cannot choose between the two evils, Harper or Iggy the Piggy.
If only he was normal or more Canadian in his views. But after living for thirty years abroad what can we expect? He may be a very bright guy, and a lot of people think he would make another Trudeau. But his election would be an absolute disaster for the progressive anti-ReformCon side. Since he supports the war in Afghanistan, he wouldn't be able to hit Harper over the head with that issue.Just as it's poised to become the biggest issue of all.I'm hoping that somebody, anybody, makes bacon out of Count Piggy.Because if they don't we'd have to pin our hopes on the NDP, and the wonky way they've handled the issue, doesn't exactly fill me with confidence. On the other hand...trying to think positive here...maybe the NDP could finally rise to the occasion, and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat...instead of the other way around....
Libs roll out "Anybody but Iggy, the sequel".

Another former Liberal cabinet minister, Lloyd Axworthy, has crawled out from the dark, damp basement of obscurity to gorge on the flesh of a Liberal leadership candidate.
I am no fan of Iggy but anyone is better than potbelly Harpi.
the anon, it's gonna be tough where to place our bets, no matter who is running (why are they always running....are they afraid?).

simon, i tend to agree with you on the 'trudeau-ish attempt by the iggy-popster. only p.e.t. was an extreme diplomat on the international front and that's how canada won so many points abroad (nationally he failed somewhat). p.e.t. piggy. i think this was layton's super hockey power play all along when he called the vote of non-confidance....hoping to pick up more seats (which he did) , and not giving consideration to the outcome. well, if they pick up oodles more to become a large voice or in the off chance they would even win a minority, i guess good for him, but man what a gamble!!!! ah well, at least it seems to be exposing everyone for who they are.

neo con, hang on, i have to finish comments before i can click on your link.

anonymous, yes, true, he'd be better then harpi. personally i wish the new kids in the hall had a party.
neo con....axworthy backing rae...interesting. paries all seem to like to eat their own young, don't they? i think we could put the raticus label on almost all. anything for power it seems.
Two chances...Slim and NONE! LMAO!
I go to Quebec for the weekend and the whole blogosphere gets OUTTACONTROL!
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