October 16, 2006

Steve's Makeover - final on hairdo

A few posts back the poll narrowed Steve's hairdo down to 'rasta' as the main, with 'other' following. Two of the 'others' were Sheena Vision's Ken Doll so I did an Aryan version, and YaYa Canada's suggestion of 'bullet steve' which comes via Canada Today (interesting site!!!). Take a close gander at this pic, it's steve's hair and clothes made of bullets...really well done!

Now it's time for the final round to give the man who's fucking us all a new hairdo.....what's your vote?

How do You Want Steve to Look?
Rasta Steve
Bullet Steve McQUEEN
Aryan Ken-doll Steve
Free polls from Pollhost.com

Next we'll move on to facial hair etc.

*OH GREAT - Liberal Frank MacKenna now feels Canada should rethink it's Missile Defense Program with the States...guess now that we're a target some Libs feel they should join the club rather then work at defeating the Con-airs.....speaking of Con-air, the Alberta/Montana border will now be airpatrolled. Off we go into the wild blue , red and white yonder!!!! Good way to keep a better watch on those brown-skinned, Canadian-born people.

*Aunty Bertha of Eclectic Eccentriity notified me today of correctional INVESTIGATOR howard sapers releasing a report pointing to all the discrimination in prisons against aboriginals...stockwell responded:

"Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day has said he will consider the findings of Sapers's report but there is no evidence of systemic discrimination against native offenders in the prison system."

does he have any gray matter?


No, no...You kssed the ultimate make-over...Steve as one of the Elite form 'Plan None, er, Nine From Out Space!' Remember the white hair swept back, the Widow's Peak, and the phoney tan? Yeah that is Steve!
um, bill...i don't know what you're talking about. can you post a link? sounds like a combo of count dracula, ricardo monlebon and pepi le pu.
Um, off the hairdo topic for a moment. Thank you for your visits and support of the Hope Vale project. It was nice to see you there , you marathon commentator( if there is such a word)
Back onto hair, how about a mohawk that has been created by 2 missiles flying very low over his head.
Two suggestions:
rotten and broken egghead


like his ancestors
austin!!!! yer back! it was neat reading about the expedition and i kept meaning to post a link here, but, well. cool, i'll have to check into the final chapters.
good hair suggestion!!!!!!!!!! too bad you weren't around earlier, that may have made the final grade, but now we're into the choosing from the prior poll.
the anon......are you imitating a spam advertisers?
Looks like spam. But I thought it will be effective to provide the link for the type of hairdoo. He is an egghead but rotten egghead and may be a monkey hairdoo will not be bad.

I was going to suggest Mohawk but that will not be fair to Mohawk.

Sorry about the title...it should have been 'This Island Earth' and here is a link showing the high foreheaded, white haired, phoney tanned aliens. Harper would love such chrisma I think! LOL


It is the second pic down!

Ooooo...finally here are some good pics.
the anon , you little fake spamster you!!!! the first link didn't work. try again maybe?

bill......ewwww....creepy scary. sort of steve harper as played by leslie neilson in a sci-fi spoof....maybe thats the flick that's running through their heads!!!
Scout, I just tried from the comment and it works perfect. May be it is your computer. Here is the URL for the egghead:)

I voted for the Ken doll, though the bullet thing was very well done.
the anon, could be the differing operating systems (i'm on a mac). went to the link just now and went 'EWWWWWWW!!!!!'. creepy. but well done, heh heh, thanks anon, i'll never feel the same again while eating eggs :)

hey coyote, nice to see you! so you're an aryan ken doll harper fan are ya? now we'll have to get sheena and you to a pub together so you can discuss what positions you'd put kenny and barbie harper in (flashback to childhood naughties of the genitaless couple).
the bullet thing was really well done!!!! my hats off to the creator of that!
Love the dreads! Rastaman vibrations, baby!
jj, did you say rasta man vibrator?
Ugh! I just cannot imagine even a barbie doll Harper being the least bit sexual.
coyote, maybe that's who we should have in power, a genital-less leader. actually, do you think harper has any knackers.....maybe boreen was impregnated with a turkey baster or it was immaculate misconception.
I don't even want to speculuate!
hahah, I love the boy in a box - I'm amazed about the air patrolled border - I guess ya'll blend in pretty good here, eh? And us, in Canada. You are right, how are "they" going to know the dif?

Is it us running away from U.S. or Canadians running away from Canada? Or would we just like to have a visit with friends. Sheesh.

I just found out we (U.S.) have to have a passport to get back in here if we visit our friends in Canada........
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