April 28, 2006

The Softwood Lumber Deal

Gosh, gee we love being ripped off! Weyerhauser doesn't care if the jobs go to Canada or the U.S., they're still a yankee company who gets the dough no matter what. This horse-trading biz is pretty strange...'The Rancher' still has one over us, we still committ troops to Afghanistan so Hoss can send his kids to Iran, and , well, looks like we've given quarter horses and thoroughbreds in exchange for a few nags. Hmmmm.

Hoss has just filed another soft lumber suit against Canada.
This is not the agreement the provinces signed on to.
Shit's gonna fly.

Oh, seems Resolve really is just a carpet cleaner after all.
hahaha. perhaps they could switch to an eco-friendly product.

ya, horse shit's gonna fly.
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