June 10, 2006

The Emperor Has No Clothes

Just how transparent can Emperor Harper get? We know the "SOLD" sign got put up on Canada a long time ago but it looks like it's new occupants are finally settling in. It's kind of like 'the boxes have arrived, let's start to unpack'. Besides all the security shit, the FBI training our cops, blah blah blah, now the U.S. is sending blatant spies onto Six Nations land at Caledonia.

Stephen, please, we'd rather see you in your Shriner's outfit!!!

the coverage in my local paper is disgusting - ranting about how the provincial gov't is bumling the whole thing by shackling the OPP and not being aggressive enough with native protestors 'breaking the law'
- Where the hell is the media around the feds????? Jesus Christ, Harper and Prentice are totally left off the hook by the media, and the average reader has no idea that they are being fed absolute bullshit. I sent in a long editorial submission in an attempt to take advantage of a teachable moment - as opposed to inciting fear among non-natives about their Aboriginal neighbours as all of the previous Insight pieces have done, but they won't pick it up, instead choosing to editorialize that McGuinty is a wimp. It's fucking criminal. Keep up your agitation for the truth!
WHIZ-KID! thought you'd disappeared off the face of the earth...is your blog back up (duh me i'll go check).

hint: in bigger rags, letters to the editor have more chance of being published if they're kept short.
yes, this was not letter to editor, but rather an Insight submission for the page facing the Ed Letters. No problem getting letters to Editor in, just problems with people offended by them after the fact :) This was more an educational piece, -history of the Grand River area in Ontario affected by the Haldimand Land Claim of 1784, then the 1924 events under Duncan Campbell Scott which stripped the 6 Nations of their Confederacy Council, confusion over and sales Vs leases for Hwy 6, etc. And then an editorial component at the end clearly laying out the fed responsibility in the issue as well as the racism they portray by virtue of their own indifference. Anyhoo, the whole situation is too distressing for words; we are screaming into a big sucking vaccuum.

(BTW, really revolting camel-toe there on Stephis Harpley... )
'camel toe'...hahaha!

well, may i suggest you add your supported facts to wikopedia (free to join then you can create a subject or edit a current one):

wikopedia. the least we can do is write history in it's proper context.
HArder and harder every day to believe Harper would even suggest the media is anti-conservative. The neo-con artists, as you call them, have a stranglehold on an overwhelming majority of the outlets. Repeat lies often enough and "the people" will believe it (this actually works, sadly). Ignore issues long enough and "the people" will believe they are unimportant and/or not your responsibility (this works too). Then just for insurance, occupy "the people" with endless sports scenarios, reality shows, celebrity crap culture to divert attention and aggression (again, this works). It's a pretty big system we're up against.
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