July 12, 2006

It's Not The Size...

Isreali Prime MinisterEhud Olmert gives a speech on his size not mattering. As the Prime Mordial points out, Isreal's weapons more then make up for this anyways. As proof, Olmert cited recent strikes againt Palestine and now Lebanon.

Funny, he didn't mention anything about Isreali-made weapons sold to mid-eastern countries being used AGAINST Israel, or the Patriot missile scam when Isreal bought a bunch of the faulty weapons from the U.S. , based on a video sales tape, or Israel's U.N. Security breaches. Ah well, there's more important stuff, right?

It's raining, I haven't finished my morning coffee, google the info yourself.

Yea, just ask Kofi...

Ya have to admit though, those are some huge Israeli balls...
ya, but he wears them under his arms.
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