October 17, 2006

If Only They Were Normal #11- Laura Bush and Laureen Harper

Imagine being married to George Walker or Stephen Joseph. No thanks!!! If their wives were normal they would have left their sociopathic mates by now or at LEAST had an affair to comfort each other's living with emotionless, incompassionate guys. Let's let the fly on the wall listen in:

Laura It's o.k. sugar, Mamma's gonna make everything alright for pretty little Laureen.
Laureen OH Laura, I , I never knew what it was like to be held and comforted this way before. My husband is so....
Laura Shhh, dumplin'. Let's leave the world of testosterone behind. It's just you and me right now.
Laureen Hold me tighter. Tell me you'll take me to the Mid-East Peace Jam session.
Laura Ya honeychild, don't you worry, that's right, put your hand there, how's this feel?
Laureen I, I've never been asked that before. Laura, oh, Laura!!!
Laura Hush now, hush. We'll make love, not war.

*and to bring you out of that fantasy.......friends on the big island of hawaii where the earthquake took place report that most everything is being restored to normal. One friend who lives on the north end, which got hit the hardest, said it was a real 'shaker' as opposed to a roller (hey, she lived in L.A. for 16 years so knows her quakes). Lots of structural damage to buildings and roads but there's good that comes with this....the old sugar cane flumes that diverted water to the fields have been destroyed and this will help restore moisture to areas that turned desert because of it.

Ugh, conservative girl on girl action is just makes me sick, so much for having an open mind huh?

Eew, ick, gag me with a spoon, it’s all just wrong.

hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! ok, i'm sitting here just hooting ( i refuse to do the roflmao comment). it coulda been worse....75 year old neo con women.
what a turn-on :)
Ohno, Laurabot's batteries must be shorting out again if she's stuck in "passion" mode. Quickly quickly! Control-Alt-Delete before she goes into a fuck frenzy and starts attacking the doorknobs!
cheez, i know you keep that collectioh of desperate lesbian political housewives, so i had your hubby scan this from your book.

JJ, her programmers had trouble during one of the capital's famous brown-outs. doorknobs? doorknobs!!!! ok, you're as warped as cheez , we know your secret now, your both busted and must attend a three week workshop at the mission alliance church.
Sweet photo scout, Laureen's after Laura's Bush again. Damn those neocons are hot and always kinky.
It's always the conservative ones that'll surprise ya...Laura's even a librarian! yummy
q, and laura's bush is burning!!!!

cheez, yep, the sweet little librarian meets innocent graphic artist and pussy lover. hmmm. does this mean laura will be adopted by canada's first family?
I am both repulsed and fascinated…
(lights a smoke)
do go on…

On a less surreal note -glad to hear the Hawaiian connections are in one piece.
The one time I set foot on those islands I felt nervous for the lack of big rock under my feet.
Circling down toward the tiny specks in an airplane it just seems as though there won’t be enough space to land.
Those islands just feel like they could go “ploop” and be gone under the Pacific in a heartbeat.
I like big continents.
youngfox, haha, thanks for my morning chuckle!!! lights a smoke, 'do go on'.

being on the big island is very intense if you're not just on a couple of week vacation. it's not for everyone, that's for sure. tremors can be quite often, but they are here too. when i camp on the lava the earth is constantly on the vibe from the waves pounding it. watching Madam Pele's flow or walking out to it is truly a wonder , especially looking at where the lava flows into the sea ....the steam rises hundreds of feet. well i wonder if there will be less tourists this year, that would be nice, the cruise ships have been growing and get this, they dock and the first tour is to take them up to walmart!!!! yes, american cruise ships with americans aboard. i don't wish that economy hit on hawaiians , but there's got to be a better way of attracting more eco tourists , it's a haven for that.
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