October 15, 2006

Scary McHale's Heritage

Scary McHale , who lives 100 km's away from Caledonia, had organized a 'peaceful' protest march onto Six Nation's land at the reclaimed Douglas Estate's land. He thought 20,000 people would participate but only 1,000 did. CBC reports only one person was arrested as many crossed the 'buffer zone'. Meantime Clan Mothers calmly held a potluck gathering.

Harper Valley had the opportunity to interview Scary's grandmother, Josephine Curveasous Jellyfish, after discovering McHale has native blood:

HV - Why is Scary so anti-native?
Grandma - He doesn't like how I treated him. Love just isn't his way. He always wanted to play with dolls so I let him and I think he's afraid his wife will find out.
HV - He played with dolls?
Grandma - Yes, and he loved to dress up as a girl. It was so cute. I made him special dresses as he was always a bit rotound. He went in the jingle dance competitions at the powwows but as he got older was embarassed, you know how it is, some kids tease a lot and the non-native kids razzed him pretty bad.
HV - Are you saying Scary is in denial?
Grandma - I guess that's a term you could use. He rejected who he is, ran away and joined the navy to prove he is a man. There's not much regard for a two-spirit in non-native society, but The Navy, well, now we're talking!
HV - So is this what it's all about, another 'Aryan-Wash' coverup for how deeply he was hurt by society?
Grandma- Are you always this serious? Why don't you take that fake beard off and sit down for some frybread?

*while msm reports about 1,000 marches turned out, some Clan Mothers estimate it was about 500. The Haudenusee calmly held their potluck and some brothers and sisters came all the way from South Dakota, along with lots of others to join in a peaceful food feast. 6N is still 'on watch' as there were some tensions and it's best to keep prepared. Huge appreciation for all the prayers said have been expressed.

Scary's grandma's name came from Dead Dog Cafe's Authentic Indian name generator. I punched in 'gary mchale' , 'female' and Josephine Curveasous Jellyfish is what came up.
btw, i am Joline Dank Ragweed.

More links at YaYa Canada under 'Crystal Methodist".

Hi Scout....actually I just saw the tv news and I have to say even the 500 number seems a little high. If you take away the curiousity seekers there was only a handful of these Klan Klowns. Although they WERE pretty scary....and REALLY drunk...The Bloated Bigot McHale came across like a deranged dweeb. The native people came across as calm, unafraid, and rational. Whoopee! Chalk one up for our side!!!!
BTW I put my name through the name generator and from now on you can call me Otto Relaxing Budgie...On second thoughts please don't. I don't mind the relaxing part. But Budgie????? Never!! Chirp. Chirp...
simon, hahahaha, ok, otto, we'll drop the budgie....welll, let's not drop it, we don't want to hurt the poor bird!

interesting on your count estimate being even lower....so much for mchale's navy. yup, big check mark for people like us the world over! it will be interesting to get youngfox's report, he was going out there.

your sister, joline dank ragweed.
McHale and the people of the ilk have given new meanings to the word "squatter’s rights". Real owners must leave and go to another continent as new owners have arrived.
Yes, although I didn't foray into the protest group, a couple or few hundred is about as high a # as I'd guess at.

BTW - McHale seems to have jumped ship pretty early in the day - likely pissed at the 20,000 people who DIDN'T turn out to support his bigotry >>> he was online posting at the reclamation discussion board by 4:50 pm!!! (link provided in other comments...) (ok - he could've had a laptop, but he didn't argue the observation when it was mentioned)
OMG - I just read the CTV link...I cannot believe they allow that mayor to continue to speak publicly! The very notion that the Province owns the land is the issue here. They had to shut her up before when she insinuated that all natives were on welfare, now she says entering the site or trespassing the buffer zone is 'poking the bear'?? Talk about a small minded bigot.

And those protesters who encountered a chain link fence were directly up against someone's back yard who's property is adjacent to the site. They did seem worried. And...those protesters were trying to squeeze in un-noticed! They came nowhere near the main entrance to the site AT ALL! Furthermore signs are posted and the 6N respect the buffer - it was the mchale's navy who tried to breach it surreptitiously.
Isn't something better than nothing?
the anon.....squatters indeed....i'd like to see them squatting in the woods and the reaction on their faces when a bear walks by.

hey thanks. mchale bales. leaky boat? traynor...training for what? ctv, your national neo-con news source. i filed a complaint with the crtc over their coverage of the initial standoff. the only pics they posted (over and over and over) were of mohwaks in bandanas. yep, aryan-washing the worlds vision .

did you potluck with the clan mothers?
the anon.....squatters indeed....i'd like to see them squatting in the woods and the reaction on their faces when a bear walks by.

hey thanks. mchale bales. leaky boat? traynor...training for what? ctv, your national neo-con news source. i filed a complaint with the crtc over their coverage of the initial standoff. the only pics they posted (over and over and over) were of mohwaks in bandanas. yep, aryan-washing the worlds vision .

did you potluck with the clan mothers?
Many of the warriors who are part of the 'official' patrols on the site do wear bandanas, I agree, it's a little off-putting, but my assumption is that it's a result of their having had more than their fair share of bigotry pointed their way, and it is a small community.

The potluck was crazy busy - more like a canteen line - dropped off my contribution and that's when the fence peekers were making their attempt so we went that-a-way. It was VERY busy everywhere and I'd guess that there were at least 500 people if not more. Lots of out of town natives and quite a few ppl of varying nationalities too.
cool amelopsis! ya, i woulda headed for stage right too with the marhers at the fence.....either that or feed them peanuts like they were animals at the zoo :)

small reports coming in bit by bit from some of the clan mothers, can't wait to see you and youngfox do a post and for kahentinetha's account. am900 has the usual red neck comments , at least jamie west acknowldeged it as a 'fizzle'...but there's some who still hold that it was a 'success'.....beats me.
jeff, missed you comment, we must have posted at the same time. 'isn't something better then nothing'? depends on perspective. as far as i'm concerned nothing would have been best, but only a handful of bigots makes me go 'yay' that they didn't get the anticipated support.
Too scary, she looks like my mum.
What was it that made Men adn Women of History persistent. Was it fear or reward. Somehow these great people left their imprint on the world that the majority of us cant or wont. This web site honors those alive and from the past who have had a impact on our lives, those few Heroes that make our live easier and less complicated.
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