October 03, 2006

Doomsday Clock...what time is it, Mr. Wolfbush?

With all the wars, Dubya gone nuts, deep integration and the stripping of individual rights, North Korea and it's supposed nuke bomb, Iran and it's, blah blah blah bbbbbbbbbbllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

..........I thought i'd check in on the Doomsday Clock to see how many minutes before midnight it's set at. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists reports 7 minutes to midnight, which is the same time as when it was first set in 1947. Over the years it's changed, the closest being in 1953 when Russia and the United States set off thermonuclear devices within 9 months of each other.

WELL, how dissapointing to see the clock hasn't been moved since 2002!!!!! I have the mind to ring up Kim Jong and Mr. Bush and tell them to get on with things. I went and had 50,000 of these t-shirts made up to profit off the ill state of the world, and these guys are just so daft they can't draw the clock any further then 7 minutes. 7 minutes!!!. How am I going to sell all these shirts at this rate?

Now I have to sell at discounted prices and I'll be lucky if I break even. Thanks a lot, Dubya!

Hi, I've nominted you for a few categories at My Blahg. http://cba.myblahg.com/
My god you're a busy gal. Well if you'd offered them a cut on the tees they may have obliged you.
Skimming the collection plates is probably easier. God loves those that help themselves and waffles in Belgium sounds good.
q, you're on for waffles in belgium, but it may be at a 3 star restaurant as of the kicking i'm taking on the t's. i''m only going to make a couple of mill compared to party boy's 8.
Who needs a clock, just go outside (if you live in or near a city) and take a whiff of the chunky air.
Forget the nukes, when the breeze gags ya, it's all over baby!

Oh, and Scout, I assume you are probably already aware of this by now but in response to an earlier inquiry:

Saturday, Oct 28, 2006
Canadian Troops Out of Afghanistan!
Vancouver Rally and March
Gather: Noon
Waterfront Station
(at Canada Place)
March: 1:00pm
Rally: 2:00pm,
Vancouver Art Gallery
(Georgia side)
I have also nominated you for that award thingy as well.
youngfox....'chunky air', haha i LOVE that one!!! thanks for the rally info, i couldn't find the date (memo, scout, pick up reading glasses). i've been nominated! i'd like to thank the academy, my producer, director....wait, didn't win???
I didn't know about the doomsday clock.May be because I no longer live on planet earth,moved recently to slayed Pluto.

Good to learn about the doomsday,sounds like poltricks of some sort to me.
hey jeff! long time no see. ya, the doomsday clock is a pretty weird thing , and i may be joining you on the former planet, pluto! it could become a blogger haven. do you think they have good food there?
The doomsday clock, argh. I remember when Reagan took office in 1980, the clock was moved one minute closer to midnight.

BTW, I nominated you for the blog awards too.:) So there.;)
jj, ah yes, president raygun. i'd forgotten all about the clock until the other day....seems we all had our eyes on it as youth. 'those were the days, my friend'. well, thanks for the nomination.....did you put me under 'best middle age blog with tooth problems? i'm sure there's a category for that!
"the stripping of individual rights, North Korea and it's supposed nuke bomb,"

North Koreans don't have any fucking rights to be stripped, now do they genius? They probably have a fucking a-bomb though...
Plutonium too. Nice and dirty.

"The DPRK officially announced that it manufactured up-to-date nuclear weapons after going through transparent legitimate processes to cope with the U.S. escalated threat of a nuclear war and sanctions and pressure. The already declared possession of nuclear weapons presupposes the nuclear test...
The DPRK will always sincerely implement its international commitment in the field of nuclear non-proliferation as a responsible nuclear weapons state."
oh, my heart warms, knight called me a genius!!!!!!! thank you, thank you. i'm calling mensa right now.
I am pretty sure they have good food out there.They have burger queen!
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