October 04, 2006

The Clampetts Go North

Jed That Steve fella seemed a might strange.
Granny I'll say, I never did trust them thar ree-ligious types.
Ellie May Shucks ya'll, they had so many cute critters. Those cats and rats were wonderful.
Jed Hope Mr. Steve don't mind Duke eatin' a couple of them cats. Ya, Elli, I can see where a gal like yourself would like this Canada place. Now why did that Steve man want our opinion on deep integration? I still don't understand it.
Jethro Heck Uncle Jed, we learned all about it in grade school. Inter Gratin' is a kind of way to cut up cheese. So I guess the deep kind would be real big slices like I could eat a ton of.
Jed That makes sense boy. I'll call Miss Jane when we git back an see if I can order up Steve a knife like Granny's.
Granny Hold on Jed, don't you be givin' my secret's away. I don't want everyone knowing bout my knife, sides, I don't think this Steve could handle 'The Widow Maker'. How bout you just send him one of the Drysdale's extras?
Jed Reckon' yer right Granny. He doesn't seem Confederate enough. Got something Yankee 'bout him. Well, let's push on an' get to the cee-ment pond. I could use a dip after listenin' to all that chunky air.

S.T.E.V.........O., Doublya, Harper, puts more in your morning!

HIIIlarious! Wonder what they make of the Alberta crude that don't bubble but squeaks?
hmmmm. they'd have to change their theme song around. 'when up from the ground came a gritty crude. oil that is, black sand gold, alberta 'A' ''
And thanks to climate change, Ellie Mae would still have her familiar 'possums as company
I love the photo, I can't help but think that it's an illustration of who's in Parliament now.
amelopsis, good point. possums, greens, hominy and maybe soon some grits :)

bruce, we'd be a sight better off iffin we had the clampets in parliament. granny could shoot salt pellets at the theocracy.
Well, I'll be doggone. Jethro Boy there , why he's more smater than that Stockwell fella!

Great pic scout! ROFLMAO!
that's cause jethro's done got himself int he sixth grade now! heck, grannie'd be shootin'' anyone who showed up at the mansion with a neoprene suit. maybe stocky's got one of them thar fancy poodles like the drysdales. we outta sick pearl bodine after him for courting.
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