May 07, 2006

Big Canuk Boy's Day Off

Every now and then our fearless leaders get to take a day off. How do Stephen Harper, Dalton McGuinty and David Peterson like to spend their time?

"On our hogs", said Harper. "When they call them 'freedom machines', they mean it".

McGuinty nodded and said, "Ya, I get to grow stubble, not for too long because my mother doesn't like it, and we cruise around to the Casinos on the Rez."

Added Peterson, "Stephie likes to put on his Bloc stick-on tatoo and fleur de lis earing. He chooses to fly the new Canadian flag, but I like hanging Nevada's from my iron, and Dalton goes for the KKK banner. We all have our biking nicknames and we change them around a bit. Like, Stephie is sometimes Harpo, Dalton is Groucho and I'm Zeppo. Or we'll call Stephie 'Herpes', Dalton 'the Dolt' and they raz me with 'Wayne Newton'.

The boys said this photo of them running over the Mohawk flag and laws and regulations regarding First Nations People was just a gag and not to be taken seriously. They're planning a run to Reno in August and bought new leathers over the internet for the trip.

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