May 03, 2006

Doctors Without Orders

Rogue surgeons have been randomly kidnapping cold, ice-blooded politicians and performing heart IMPLANTS. These "Doctors Without Orders" have no idea of the success rate so far, but say what they have been removing from chest cavities is remarkable. Only time will tell if this step in humaniatrian aide will result in compassionate flesh-pressers. "Chances are," said an unnamed physician, "These patients will remain Stepford politicos , but there's hope, so we'll continue".

OH nurse....scalpel!

Now if only "Proctologists Without Pity" would cure politicians of pulling numbers out of their collective ass and making shit up .
i believe there's a group forming now...they're calling themselves 'the altruisitc arseoligists'. 'procologists without pity' were rectumfied.
Cool site, love the name, wish I had thought of it first. Keep it up, you're doing us all a good if somewhat bizarre service.
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