May 12, 2006

Sacrificing The Lambs

"And please, Gawd Almighty George Bush, accept these sacrificial lambs as testimony to my committment to undermining credibility to the Six Nations Clan Mothers, whom I'm deeply frightened of. Forgive Jane Stewart for her involvement with the Irving Family and having land holdings near Caledonia, and forgive Barbara McDougall for supporting Belinda Stronach and sitting on the board of steel company Stelco.

These women didn't intend to have conflict of interest and I pray that by using them and paying them big bucks to make my government seem like ultra good-guys, you will take care of their bankrupt souls (and mine).

In the name of John A. MacDonald, John G. Diefenbaker, R.B.Bennett and Tom Flannigan, I thank you and beseech you".

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