June 18, 2006


Hey kids! Win a trip for two to Ottawa and dinner with Stephen Harper's stand-in by selecting which one of the above three banners wil be selected by Harpies as the new Conservative Logo!!!

Hurry, tell mom and dad to let you re-direct your allowance from the Liberals to the Cons. This Tory Spelling contest is open to Candian residents, Canadian-born and brown-skinned people need not apply.

Vote today and dream of your Con-artist Get-Away!

1. LavaTORY with toilet icon (a good hint at flushing all those accords down the throne)
2. PurgaTORY with Iron Maiden 'Purgatory' cd icon (play it backwards and it says, 'The Anti-Christ is Ghandi')
3. LaboraTORY with hand holding test tube (a unique sublinimal to get back to Eugenics)


Gotta go lavaTory on this one. No, really, I have to go. Why does your blog always want to make me take a leak?
cuz i'm always pissing around.
LOL... Ha-ha-ha, does the same to me too... :)
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