June 12, 2006

U.S. Invading Caledonia


this canada/u.s. joint venture training op photo was snuck to me by a bureaucrat who's angry because he was caught eating smarties on the job. i thank him very much for revealing what's to come.

the complete file contained sensitive info like this photo, and an accounting summary that shows funds for the operation coming out of harp-dissacord's sponsorship fund for silver crosses with his name engraved on them. further funding was drawn from environment, health and education.

we wish the uni-can forces good luck, they're up against thunderbirds and eagles so anything could go.

I just zoomed in and thought I saw Jim Prentice swimming nude in the mayor's pool! Gadzook!
Scout, Manndate today has a post re: Caledonia, as well as a post from two days back re: Akenahew with some commentary related to Caledonia and Aboriginal situations in general.
Nice work, kiddo.

Hey, lookee here:

AM radio opinion poll in Hamilton

"Do you believe the removal of the Highway-6 barricade will lead to a resolution in the Caledonia land dispute?"
16% YES
84% NO

And this despite the fact the station is not what you might describe as a lefty or bleeding heart outfit.
whiz-kid....i think yer right about prentice! what's this 'manndate', is there a link?

Alison, ah yes, good old am900 and jamie west's freak out blogs. at first he wouldn't post my comments until i complained to his boss. jamie acted all innocent about it.

should be interesting now that sensitive documents seized from the ATF SUV have been photocopied and handed to the media and govt. by six nations. will the mainstream press report on it, or is it just too much too handle, to realize we've been duped all along? i mean, we're 'too nice' for this kind of thing to happen, arent we :)
paying non-native aggitators and all.

egads, is it too horrible for canada to realize the U.S. is up here BIG TIME???
Scout, I think I found the Manndates link on your page...(Michelle Mann's legal blog)

Anyway, I am travelling and haven't got a clue what you're referring to re: papers - will check out some more Indigenous blogsites and see if I can figure it out (???)

Who were the papers given to - in the media - do you know?
see http://www.angelfire.com/folk/sovereignty/articles.html
it should be under 'attemped murder, my ass' about june 13th.

the hamilton spectator is only one media outlet mendtioned but it's safe to guess 'the majors' have it.....thing is, will they report on it????

i've been emailing news sources hoping they'll pick up on it. considerin the one sided slant the caledonia issue has been given and that a media blackout was issued at the beginning (until the OPP preemtively went in), i wonder if corporate media will venture into the truth?
got it, thanks
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