June 14, 2006

Squinty McGuinty

ontario premier 'the dolt' mcguinty is seen here doing extensive research on indigenous people. inspired by events at the six nations caledonia protest, squinty mcguinty hunkered down and must have logged in at least two hours researching old cowboy movies and t.v. shows.

his conclusion? 'mom and dad were right. they are savage. just look at my puter screen. that guy is going to knife the good cowboy!'. asked if that's why he sanctioned the OPP to bring in ATF from the states to spy on six nations, the dolt said, 'well duh. and it's not a waste of tax payers money to hire skin-heads and kkk to aggitate the injuns. it's a call of duty and helps keep me a place and votes with the upper canadians'.

dalton, you can press ctrl. alt. delete now!

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