June 15, 2006

Paddle To The See And Believe

an old woman who saw paddle sitting in his canoe and stuck between some rocks, gently lifted him out and brought him home. she said prayers for him and put some pitch from a tree into a large crack in the bottom of his boat.

the elder then released paddle into the grand river, asking Creator to help him on his voyage. paddle passed many farms, sacred sites, and a white eagle always flew around him. He came across cities that were dumping gargabe and toxins into the river and sometimes had to plug his nose or ears. People were rushing this way and that, giving no regard to the Ancestors, and many buildings were on top of old grave sites and sacred places.

then paddle came to a city called caledonia. there was a dark cloud hanging over the place and many blackened hearts. he prayed for the people, all races, and a tear fell from his face of wood. paddle asked Creator to bring light to those who held dark, and for peace and justice to come to the place called 'the place of peace' by the river where many were praying for the same.

paddle saw the poverty, oppression and theft of land of the praying people. he asked The Great Spirit to bring them strength to hold onto their faith that showed the light in these people's hearts. a young girl saw paddle drift by, she waved at him and asked Creator to help protect him on his voyage. like the old woman, the girl saw paddle as a living being, like the rocks and plants and planet.

paddle's tear dried up after the girl waved and the waters carried him towards lake erie.

You are tireless :)
ergh....unfortunetly. but that's what being an internet junkie does to you.
maybe now that Ontario has eliminated the developers stake, Canada will step in and take some responsibility...? I heard David Ramsay on CBC today sounding rational. They appear to be content to leave the 7 (6?) native alleged offendors to be dealt with by 6Ns system, as well. I don't see McGuinty (although slow to the mark) as being the trouble-stoker Harris was. ARen't I the annoying optimist today? Be honest!
have been out all day and not up on the news. will check with sources.....dunno...nothing wrong with optimism and it's not the first time a prov. has let natives deal with their own (much to the consternation of some who don't understand indigenous ways).

all we can do is hope. the barricades are down, the negotiaions have re-opened and the concert happens tonight :)
I haven't heard any of the real news from the site yet either, so don't have the full picture. Hope the concert went well. (Family prob came up so I couldn't go as I'd planned. What a bummer!)

btw scout, why don't you send me an email at the address on my site, then I could send you updates that you may not be getting? Just a thought... You have no email link here on your site, or at least I couldn't find it.

You do a wonderful job with your postings, and getting all those good pictures up. I have probs uploading lots of stuff, as I don't yet know enough about how to do it. That's why I couldn't upload the Concert flyer.
I forgot to mention that you wrote an other beautiful story.

Have you thought of maybe putting together a little book of your own versions of native myths and legends? Or just about anything you write... Like Cheezwhiz says, "you are tireless" indeed.

(You are building up quite a fan club with Cheezwhiz and myself at the head of it... he's the prez, i'm the veep.. :)
ha, i've only been tireless because i've had a virus who's duration on average is two months. this blogspot's been like a bit of salvation because sleeping , lying and sitting around has been VERY BORING!!!!!

i'm on the mend and am getting in the garden a bit but really waiting for when i can start WORKING again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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