June 17, 2006


the harp must be having a hay-day. he's got the majority of canadians believing six nations are 'the bad guys' while his cowboy cronies have worked hard with mainsream media to depict the savage injun. why does that make my head ring with bush's words, 'we're workin' hard. let's keep workin' hard'?

and the queen's cowboys, well they 'got their woman', audra anna taillefer of victoria, b.c. was put into custody on charges of intimitdation and robbery. of course there was no mention of the elderly couple driving their car towards the protesters, yelling racist comments, throwing garbage at the protesters, or of the documents seized from the atf vehicle showing the govt. had hired non-native aggitators. nor did they mention that the elderly woman was taken to hospital only as a precaution.

stephen, you're sure good at what you do!!!

i should email him and let him know i think someone on our local municipal council is a terrorist. that's one way of taking a dolt out of action.

For sure!!!

BTW I love the way you write.
*blush*, you're no slouch....
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