July 12, 2006

Cowballs and Injuns

How interesting that the AFN elections came during Calgary Stampede time. Incumbent Chief (oh that German word!) Phil Fontaine creamed sole contender Bob Wilson in an interesting show that saw Wilson's campaign run by, yes, CONSERVATIVES!!! (alert from The Gazeteer). Wilson's consession speech was , er, interesting. (exerts).

Meantime whiile Steve was doing the rounds at the Stampede, Stephen's mother quipped that she'll be writing a note to President Bush not to call Stephen 'Steve'. This should be a post all on it's own!!!

While Fontaine helped bring in the Kelowna Accord, which Steve ripped up, Fontaine was also instrumental in getting the Residential School deal signed (even though the Chinese head-tax and Japanese internment camp families will realize more out of their package), he hasn't always been the biggest champion of indigenous rights. It would have been nice to see Roberta Jamieson run again.

We'll see how Fontaine and Harper square off during 'Harper's Last Stand', Playing in political arenas soon!

Another excellent post that led me to some references that very worthwhile reading. Well done.
I'm glad you saw through the veil of the "new blood propaganda" and made the conservative AFN campaign connection for me. I could smell it but you led me to the 3 day old unrefrigerated fish. I also had not been aware of the "concession speech" until you pointed it out. Not very gracious,IMO. I predict that Phil will outclass Harper hands down. I'm tired of waiting for justice to be done.
thanks timethief.....hey, you've got some great stuff going on over at your blog with the guest writers and all. good topics, well researched etc.
You know, it's only a matter of time before he becomes Steve-O...

Or McGarrett....

After all, then he could drive a big 'ol Tar Sand guzzlin' Ford LTD while wearing leisure suits and screamin',

"Book 'Em Vic'O!"


glad you found the post informative...credit should really go to Sean Holman though; he did the digging that only an independent journalist can.
Bush will soon be saying to his buddy:
"you're doin' a heckuva job Steve".
Funny, I live in a Native community, and I don't hear many of them that care about the Kelowna accord.
Most are too busy earning a living like the rest of us, "non-aborigionals"...

crikey, that harper even wears the same hats as John Howard!! (for those wondering who the hell is John Howard, he is the hat wearing Prime Minister of Australia)
k-dough, steve-o....hmm, the rhyme is interesting. but i think 'steve-o , steve-o, where ya gonna go-ee-o' may be a new hit.

gaz...ya know, with the attitude of the name 'steve', i think you might be right. and the leisure suit with white shoes and belt would help 'loosen him up' (hmm, photoshop ideas twirling in mind). thanks for mentioning sean holman....ach, get all eye-fried trying to do the appropriate credits.

bc waterboy.....ew, how true! steve's just gotta loosen up a bit to be a 'good old boy' and earn his J.R. stripes. WAIT!!!! i think harper's a stiff bobby ewing !!!!!! it's like he's in his kiss-but suck-up mode, waiting for 'the boss' to invite him for that round of golf. gee....golfballs that say 'steve harper'.....ya, i can see the cons backing away from the lib sponsorship 'scandal'.

knight...ya, a lot don't give a rat's ass, just as they don't give a rat's ass about AFN. most of my brothers and sisters don't because fontaine et al are just on the government payroll and don't listen to the people. i don't follow AFN too closely.

austin...ah ha! i was wondering about the hat style!!! i bet harper traded howard for a stetson. albera cowboy 'fashion' has tended to follow texas , which has meant the flat healed 'roper' boots and garth brooks water repellant shirts for the last decade or so, but i see steve has gone for a conservative checkered shirt and 'the howard hat'. does that mean he'll be roping sheep and roos?
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