July 05, 2006

When Science Hurts

I've come out of my brief pause for refreshment.
Creeksideand Gazateer have recent posts on H20. Then along came Kahentinetha Horn's latest article WHY THE "CORPORATIONS-UNITED NATIONS" ARE TRYING TO TAKE OVER INDIGENOUS PEOPLE AND LANDS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD?.

Well I'm kinda peeved today because i have a toothache (oil of cloves providing relief) so here goes:

In the international race for resources, let's not forget diamonds, Canada now being the third largest producer in the world. But the BIGGEST Yankee strategy involves control over one of the most precious resources of all....WATER. . It appears NAFTA has no power over water resources. '...the governments of Canada, the United States and Mexico have expressly stated that the NAFTA does not apply to water in its natural state."....OH OH! One of Canada's largest players to preserve water exports is Wendy Holm (of Bowen Island). She argues validly in this report.

With water comes hydro electricity....remember British Columbia selling California it's excess juice when Los Angeles and surrounding area was having brown-outs a few years ago? The demand is only going to get larger.

Who could throw a large wrench into water and hydro exports? Natives. If granted sovereignty or existing sovereignty is recognized and traditional territories are recovered , the flow could easily be blocked (metaphorically , of course).
Perhaps "THE SYSTEM" fears 'Paddle to the Sea' may in fact be an Native insurgent scouting the waters to sabotage export canals. No wonder the U.N. conjured up a declaration for indigenous people...to recognize them as sovereign nations would be too critical for world economics. Too bad, big guys, kiss a brown or red-skinned ass today cuz in the end, there's no winning for you when the word 'win' does not enter into the picture. It's called evolution, and THE SYSTEM is a cancer that's dying because it's killing it's own host, Mother Earth. She'll be here forever but damned if She'll let the parasites stay.

DNA testing and all the hype over 'finding your roots' and contributing to science (like conservative publication National Geographic's Genographic Project , in conjunction with IBM is only one of several Big Company headhunters out there luring the public in with invitations to help science and further your Alex Haley curiosity. Time Magazine had a list of the major companies offering DNA testing, citing that it also helps adoptees trace their lineage. Such good bait to fill the DNA race classification banks. I admit, I did the Genographics, going in full well knowing I'd be in the data banks...I DON'T CARE....they can put a yellow whatever on me and I won't be taken down. The DVD that comes along with it is revolting....'boy next door grows up to be arrogant scientist bent on proving hypothesis while putting down indigenous people who don't believe in science as rather quaint and stupid).

DNA allows for easier tracking. The colonizers have never really gotten over the fact they could not entirely wipe out the indigenous population or assimilate them. Eugenics failed, residential school failed. Disease failed, and AIDS is the new smallpox of minorities in North America (gays, blacks, hispanics etc.) , but it's backfired and is killing THEM (the styem) too. All that time, money and effort at wiping out the indigenous people of Africa (who stand in the way of natural resources there) and now "THE SYSTEM's' own children are dying. More gated communities, please (yes, keep them locked in, we don't want them roaming the streets and spreading their diseased minds).

French Canadians were pumped as the 'Niggers of the North' for many years after a popular book promoted that notion, but let's face it , First Nations are the true 'Niggers of the North'., and the separatist deals that sprung up over the years left no rights for indigenous people. No wonder Heir Harper (son of an Imperial Oil Accountant) has no problem with Quebec declaring itself a Nation. He does, however, seem to have his knickers in a knot over Indigenous 'Nations'. But little Stephie's political history began in high school as a liberal, until evolving to embracing the Tories when he thought Trudeau's energy policies were harming Alberta (where he worked in the oil industry until attending U of C) . He finally joined the Alliance which had it's beginnings with the Reform , which sprung out of the Social Credit (all having strong U.S. Republican ties).

Yes, let's collect those little strands that tell us a person's 'race' (a modern, contrived term to help distinguish between inferiority and superiority by xenophobes ). It's MENTALITY, not RACE that's destroying the world...we are all one blood, but DNA provides a furtherance of modern racial classification and the bigotry that comes with it.

Science and Corporations/Governments have been taking the wrong turn all over the place. Pharmacuticals is only one example, but let's face it, WE DON'T NEED HYDRO ELECTRICITY. The alternatives abound but coporate greed doesn't get much profit out of that. We've fucked up polluting our water, depleting it's flow with damns so much and not practised living in conjunction with nature instead of conquering it, no wonder water has become 'a girl and boy's best friend'. DeBeers, have you diversified your interests, cuz when the collapse comes, you can COUNT on water.

Hitler only expanded eugenics to further heights than the programs run in North America against Natives and disabled people in the 20's and 30's. Grand-daddy Bush, Prescott, had a pig iron plant in Nazi Germany that was left unscathed, but then the Fords, Rockefellers et al who supported Hitler (no wonder America came in so late to the Second World War) have their interests world wide. Poor little Georgie tries so hard to uphold the Illuminati image he so desperately wants status in, and the U.N. Nations 'buy his bullshit' like candy (who wants economic penalties from the U.S.?). Georgie can just stomp out of the room, as he's done, if other nations don't go along with him.

Indigenous people throughout the world hold up not only natural resource exploitation but are a threat to the major religions of all nations, no matter what religion. While the war de jour is Christian vs. Muslim, even the Muslim nations have to contend with a 'pagan' population. Pagans do not buy into the crap of major religion...thus do not uphold 'THE SYSTEM' and ignore their place at the bottom of the hierarchal ladder. Religion, after all, is a major player in hierarchy and forever has been the opiate of the masses.

Get the pagans out of the way and that leaves 'THE SYSTEM' only having to war with itself (much more convenient) and a major internal pain in the neck out of the way. Then anyone can MINE....or is that MEIN?

Wow, I have the spins after just reading that...lots to think about, Scout.

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