July 03, 2006

Canada Day, it ain't over till the fat lady sings...

So let's all join in together with 'The Fat Lady,' (Juliette or Eata BigMeal) and sing...

CA-NA-DA, we love peas
(Now we are 30 million)
CA-NA-DA, proud, we freeze!
It's the One Thirty Nine Anniversary of CONfederation
Everybody sing, together.

CA-NA-DA, we love t.v.
(one little two little three Camericans),
CA-NA-DA, we sign treaties
Merrily we get bowled along
Together, all the way!

En Francaise Verse

North, South, East, West,
These are crappy times
Church bells they right wing sting,
It's the one thirty nine anniversary
Of CONfederation
Every body SING!

I understand the BC government is none too happy with President Harper's "softwood" deal with the states. I guess he means the type of softwood Rush Limbaugh had before going on his sex tour of the Dominican Republic.
Heir Harper and Heir Campbell have their disagreements, but that's typical amongst the gestapo and ss. Wonder if all the 'rush rooms' are shutting down in the states?

my husband got dragged into one by my texas republican uncles years back....hubby said he was never so disgusted in his life.

think gordo campbell will go dominican now instead of maui?
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