July 02, 2006

Harper (Clan Buchanan)

"Pleasant and Brave" is the Harper motto. Dunno, is it pleasant and brave to send Canadian kids to war? Is it pleasant and brave to attempt to pull the wool over the public's eyes on a myriad of things from flaccidwood lumber deals, indigenous non-rights, and oh, i could go on, but you know the scoop.

Check the Buchanan tartan. Thing is that the kilts, crests, tartans we associate with today's Scotland hasn't got a lot to do with pre-Brit conquered Scotland. Yes, there were tartans but they were sutble, earth hue colours from plant dyes. Kilts were wrap-around 5 meter lengths that could also be folded to act as a cape and hood.

When the Brits took over Scotland they broke highland strength (politics and culture) by banning the kilt. Then it became a fashion... me Lords and Ladies thought the heathen lot should look more 'showy' for their southern eyes. It was a from of neutering. Kinda similar to the conquerors here putting the word 'chief' onto the natives and insisting they deal with a male chief.

I like Scotland myself, and most of the Scots I met. I especially liked the Highlands and had a great and interesting time there. the only time I didn't like was when a guy in a pub in Inverness threatened to pull a knife on me. I gave him shit and he backed off.

My aunt's husband is Scotish and refuses to wear a kilt, saying it's a 'British Invention'.

I wonder if Stephen has a Clan Buchanan kilt? No doubt he would wear Stanfields underneath.

Very interesting about the kilt. I didn't know that... (Wonder if Harper wears Stanfields under his? Probably... what else? :)
Where did you find it? Interesting read »
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