July 04, 2006

The United Castrations


While Harpo, Zeppo and Groucho stalled on signing the UN declaration on Indigenous People, it means time on our side to do the old letter writing/emailing routine. The Con-artists (Bush, Harper, Howard) reason not to sign was that the declaration is only 95%, not 100%, it goes against the CONstitution and laws. GASP!

As the declaration stands it serves to castrate First Nations, especially the likes of Six Nations who live under their own law and have been applying to be recognized as their own nation at the UN since 1923. Of course this has never been granted, because it would be too signifigant a move for the myriad of countries who conquered indigenous people to grant sovereign recognition. Couldn't admit to that one, could they? Whoa-oh, don't want to cut into mineral rights or anything that means $$$.

Instead we get a declaration that serves to remind indigenous people of their place....how very nice and condesceding. Look....a quaint indian, take a picture to send to friends!

So while Canada, the U.S. and Australia didn't sign for totally different reasons, we can attempt to use our cyber quill pens, which are supposed to be mightier then the corporate alloy sword.

Those indigenous people, who do they think they are? As if they might have intelligence!!!

BTW, the Royal Hawaiian Palace had electricity in 1886, before the Whitehouse was wired in 1891....but we wouldn't want to admit aboriginals have brains, would we?

To order postcards of natives in costume go to http://www.timestandsstill.com.

I am so busy chasing my tail (translate that as caught up in my neighbourhood) that I often miss broader shinanigans. Thanks for bringing this stuff to my attention. From a fellow blogger who should stop thinking and fall into the southern constellations (translate that as fall asleep!)
hey austin, we all doze to an extent.....a human condition. besides, a neighborhood is just as important as anything else :)\

thanks for dropping by!
Austin is funny too!

Scout, you've outdone yourself on this one! While I was out doing the 'family stuff', you've been busy, working hard, putting up a lot of good posts. You're certainly great at finding all sorts of info and writing about it in your deliciously irreverent, witty, wonderful style.

You see things that most of us miss... Like with this post. (Mine on the same subject was just putting up Kahentinetha's post, as I couldn't think of anything intelligent to say in my intro)... No wonder yours is my fave amongst the blogs. (And you make me laugh, which is no mean feat, as I tend to be a rather stodgy, stoic person nowadays... and walking around half asleep in all this heat.. :)
P.S. I am actually disappointed at the UN, but really shouldn't be... After all, many of the countries belonging to it have the 'conqueror mentality', and don't want to face the reality of their Indigenous populations. As always, greed prevails... makes me want to vomit.

Thanks for the reminding us about the Royal Hawaiian Palace. (That's another thing I couldn't remember, even though I'd heard of it when I lived in Hawaii a long time ago... wonderful, friendly people, the real Hawaiians.)
ah ha....where did you live in hawaii?
Kaneohe on Oahu. Lovely place. The only State that's worthwhile in the United States of America... Too bad the Hawaiian Islands became a US State... (since I won't go to the US, I will no longer go to Hawaii, the only place I miss...)
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