October 18, 2006

Harper: Off With Garth Turner's Head

It's the talk of Blogtown...Harper
removing MP Garth Turner from Caucus for 'breech of confidence' over his blogspot. We all know, 'ya right', more like the outspoken Turner didn't jive with Harper's tune, so the dance hall bouncers were bound to come out at any time. The Reform Party just doesn't like the real Conservatives, let's face it. But they've had to deal with the Lebanon evac and Afghanistan, so
Turner's turn didn't come till now. To every season.....

Just look at the pic of Steve! I called Daddy Scout, Parliament Hill custodian to peek at Mr. Harper's notebook and here's what it said:

Peter MacKay came to me on several occasions in tears because Turner wears a leather jacket and Peter wants to be the only one allowed to. I can only afford one cool looking MP and Peter wins, hands down. Garth also has a beard and only Rabbi's should. The Reform Party must look standardized, save for MacKay, our token playboy (note: get more P.I.'s on Stronache and Domi). Turner is a turnip haha (note: tell that to Ben and Rachel at supper). Who in their right mind works for their constituents??? This guy doesn't get it. I'm glad I axed him and I wish George liked me better so I could brag to him (note: send letter of good luck for GOP). Ew, Turner even has those big 80's glasses. Jim Prentice's half frames are sweet. And the guy doesn't have one bit of Adam Smith in his closet, he just makes me puke (note: have Laureen pick up new Tip Top Tailor suit).

*you can still vote for your fave 'harper's fucking me look' a few posts down. So far 'Aryan Ken Doll' leads over 'Rasta Steve'.

Nice pic of Steveo, spoiled petulant little asshole pulling an Alice Cooper on Garth.
Independents are better than sheep anyway.
So more hot Loreen and the burning Bush pics would be welcome too. From a political interest point of view of course, always nice to see what the wives are in to.
I guess Garth found out the difference between Conservatives and micro-managing, control freak, bible literalist, Ultra Zionist, Reform Alliance Neoconservatives the hard way.

Although I don't see the Garth man as some sort of "everyman superhero" in the light he liked to cast himself, he seemed at least honest about his opinions.

I hope he doesn’t join the Greens, (I just do not trust them).
Next on the hit list of Harper could be Mackay. The Progressive Cons and Cons at odds with each other. It will no be long when coalition falls apart. Bye bye Steve.
Q, wonder if he'll do an ozzy osbourne and eat the head. and yes, of course your interest in pornolicious political housewives would be from a purely scientific stance, right?

youngfox, i think turner must have known what was coming down the pipeline, unless he's truly that naive. ya, he sure likes to build on his image of just being there for the people. join the greens....can't see that....see him more as 'try it again as an independant' or cross the floor to the libs. btw, cool avitar!!!!

the anon, no way, you see mackay on the hit list? really? the man himself who brokered the conservative/alliance deal? the little turncoat who botched the lebanon evac? i'm sure mackay is one of the drooler's waiting for a vote of non-confiedance. bye bye steve makes a good song title, yes?
I just am hoping that Garth joins the Green Party and that will be the best payback Steve can get. Harper and his bunch of Party Nasties have done themselves in and shown what totally undemocratic, undeserving pond scum they truly are.
bill, it would be strange to see turner join the green party. i can see you wanting to witness the knife go in and turn, but the guy's still a conservative and he'd have to relearn an awful lot and be prepared to really embrace it......otherwise the greens are just going to become another status quo party engaging in the power struggles that face this planet. it would detract from the party, i think, but what the hell do i know?
the anon is right - mackay's next, I'd put money on it. I'm actually surprised he lasted this long. If memory serves, he ran against Harper for leadership of the conservatives. Harper may have appointed him to a high position, but the old saying "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer" is probably appropriate here. And Mackay was an old-school progressive conservative, not a reformer, before the 2 parties joined -- that alone would potentially make him toast.

Get your beer and popcorn! Sit back! Stay tuned!
it's nice to see..well maybe..that we here in the good ole USA aren't the only ones dealing with every sort of moron or idiot..I do enjoy your insights..:)..m

I have the deepest respect for Turner because he uses his brain, unlike the other lap poodles who are best suited to be store displays.

Think of how much cozier the neo-cons would feel if they removed all the seats and jut let them snuggle up around Steve's feet like the little Hush Puppies they truly are? BYOB would be the standing Order of the Day, as in Bring Your Own Bag, Sleeping Bag that is!

The Green party has room for all types of thoughts, albeit the Funnymentalists need to stay on their own yard, the CPC!

We are a country, not a corporation, and we still hold democratic openess to be foundational.

I think Garth will bring intelligent debate respresenting his constituents views. What a concept, eh? An MP who actually represents their constituents!
jj, yes, my cynasim didn't come across i guess. you know, turncoat, drooling etc., so i'm in accordance with the anon too...theere's many awaiting harper's throne......mackay
's botched everything, the lebanon evac being the big gun. jim prentice is the only guy harpoon trusts. where's that link ....http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20061014.wxprentice14/BNStory/National/home imagine living in that state of cocaine paranoia like georgie!

madd, welcome! thanks. haha, yup, we the 51st state are in just as much a shambles albeit on a population percentage basis, 10%. that doesn't mean the effects are any less then 100%. we'll all be gripping the handrails together when the shit really hits the fan bigtime!

bill, ya, every now and then there's an mp who's like turner, but seems they always end up sitting independant. i guess if the green offered turner would consider it, but i see him as more the independant kind. wonder how harper will punish turner's riding to try make sure he doesn't get back in?

'wonder how harper will punish turner's riding to try make sure he doesn't get back in?'

I think the question may well be 'How will his riding punish Harper?'

The McGuinty bozos tried that here by removing most of the Muskoka from Northern Ontario Status. They wished they had not done that believe me. That was in response to the district electing Norm Miller a real Tory.

People are truly pissed and the politicians are going to feel their pain...No, not the people's pain...their own pain called LOOKING for employment!
ZOOOOM! There it went, right over my head. I'll blame it on being put at an intellectual disadvantage by the flu bug. ;)
bill.....'How will his riding punish Harper?'...good one! can we start writing harper's new c.v.?

jj, ach, i'm sure you don't miss as much as me....i blame it on my eye vision. if i had the bucks i'd patent 'intermediate drugstore glasses', something like the readers but for the computer screen. progressives don't do it for me, make me dizzy. get over that flu bug!

Simple...denying them votes and support for any of their ideas, not to mention contributions.

What is it with girls fighting?


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