September 30, 2006

They're Up Our Butts....The SupposiTORY

YOU write the story on this!!!

Well, isn't that pleasant with my Sunday morning coffee. I like the play on words though. :)
ha! just as long as you didn't spit coffee onto the screen. i thought the steve suppository....stephatory? could be used as sponsorship bullets over in afghani-land.
I can't see the pictures!!! WTF is going on?

And everything's still in german -- at the bottom it says
"Login und Veroffentlichung" on one button, and "Vorschau" on the other. ???

I suppose-a-tory might need a suppository, they're so full of shit.
FLASH! Reuters reports a new supposiTORY aimed at inflicting beliefs on others has been given the seal of approval from Health Canada. Available through prescription, the StephaTORY is now mandiTORY for all Canadian and Canadian born citizens.

Dr.'s and clinics nation-wide are prescribing the Harper-head bullets, which when inserted anally give one the sensation of terrorists everywhere and only a United North America (with Jesus thrown in for salvation) can save lives.

That's as far as I got, anyone want to pick up on this?
Hey Scout, why can't I post a comment on JJ's site? When I try to do it, this comes up:

Length Required
POST requests require a Content-length header."

What does this mean??
hahahaha! I like the supposiTORY sTORY by not the anon and your original of course.

As the Libs front runner, Iggy will likely get in. Then, if the Libs get elected in next fed election, Iggy's head will have to be inserted into a supposiTORY. He's not that much different anyway, and more like a TORY than a true Lib. Just the opposite side of the same counterfeit coin.
BTW, you've provided excellent instructions on how to insert the supposiTORY!
annamarie, right on about iggy as far as i've read on him. actually NONE of the candidates impress me.

yes, hisTORY will look different down the road. harper may earn a few sentence or even a full paragraph, that's about it.
I like Ken Dryden. Go Habs. At least he's not up anyone's butt or is that an assumption? Being PM is analogous to goaltending?

Have to watch Bob Woodward stick it to snippy McDumbass the Texas torture boy :)

Sheena faints.....

Well, you certainly have re-defined the very term supposi-TORY! LMAO!

Humming...'Slip sling away'!
er, 'Slip sliding awy'!
q, kevin at the woodshed had a good blurb on dryden. or was it bazz at oi thump??? anyways, dryden does seem likke the least 'up your butt' of them all...has that air of dimplomacy to hiim. at least he could have a sign on his desk that says 'the puck stops here'.

sheena....easy, easy....stronich and dryden are only winking at each other at this point. domi can still have his 'barbie on ice' doll.

bill.....ewwwww, slip sliding away! and i'm not responsible for my posts.....i channel linda blair sometimes.
Rectum? Damn near killed him!

Sorry, sorry. It's late, I'm tired and I always get immature when I get tired.
jj, no worries, i still love that expression.....may borsht belt humour never die!

When channeling Linda Blair how can you tell is she is coming or going? LMAO!

I think I would wear a TyVek suit just in case she is feeling in the green mood, eh?
Gawd, that's funny. And they're all so anal, too.

I don't agree with you about Ignatieff, though, and I don't understand anna-marie's comment that none of the Liberal candidates appeal to her...from my point of view, we're incredibly lucky to have the top four candidates (esp.Ignatieff, Rae, Dion - not sure Kennedy is ready yet, but he has lots of potential - needs to work on his French for one thing) willing to take on this thankless post of PM. They are all top calibre, in my opinion, and a cabinet with them in it (and Dryden, Hall-Findlay, and others) would be a real opportunity for positive change.

I don't think we are going to get anywhere to affect change in the left if we hate everyone. Someone has to do the job. The main focus: GET HARPER and his cabinet OUT. WE'll shoot ourselves in the foot if we hate them all...really, this bothers me - and I agree with you guys on so many issues!

In the end, we have to put our ideas into practice and how do we do that if we just oppose, oppose, oppose and not accept that in the real world ideology only goes so far. And that's not a cop-out, that's pragmatism. We need change. If we dont' like any of them, we should run ourselves or find someone we like who will and get out on the street and support them.

You may not support Ignatieff as your first choice as Lib leader, but he is NOT just like Harper dressed in a good suit. NO WAY. We all need to read more about these people before we throw stones. Ignorance is not bliss!!!

Not trying to be offensive here, but we, on the same side, also need debate. If we just echo each other over and over we'll never progress either.
Well, I respect you guys, and I don't mean to offend, but rather to engage in discussion.

bitchy cheez
sorry, anna-marie, that was Scout's comment not yours about none of them impressing. But no, he's not more like a Tory. Look at his human rights viewpoints and social policies, writings on Aboriginal peoples, environment and economics. Also look very closefly at his views on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - his motives, his rationale - not just the soundbites in the news or pin- point pigeonholing of him on various blogs. the last area, esp. has been misrepresented. That's not just an opinion, the facts are out there to be found. In the end, one still may not agree with him on the war issue, for example, but it behooves us all to know exactly, in his words, where and why he stands on it. we all criticize the mainstream media representations on here a lot, and for good reason! We should also be wary of MSM when it reports slants we want to hear; it oversimplifies things thus making it so easy to discount people who may, in fact, have some good to offer. OK, I'm done my rant :)
rant away , cheez! good on ya for doing so. i have to honestly say i'm just not impressed with any politician. as long as the system is what it is , the politicians act within that system. carole james is the closet i get to being impressed....but let's face it, at 50 years young who is there that's going to impress me? kahentinetha horn, yes. i just can't get hyped by any of the lib canadidates, or any other party for that matter. you have a point about joining together to get harpo out, but support comes in different ways, n'est pas, and i'm afraid as far as i can go is to cast a vote come next election that is 'not neo-con' and do the best i can to convince others.

can't say i 'hate' iggy....i'm just very wary of him. as for running for office, hell, i ran for mayor here as 'conscience' , doing as much as putting out one flyer, writing some articles, giving speeches etc.. of course i was pummelled but i expected to be, that wasn't the point, the point was to raise awareness. i'd run for pm as an independant but under the system that would be impossible, and i'm not willing to tow any party line. i can be active and work to help reform the system...for instance, the whole 'riding' bit here is asking for public input to redraw some lines BUT it's population based, not nature based, so i've put my two cents in.

when one so vehemently does not agree with the system , how can one support? that's up to you if it is your belief to do so.
I'd forgotten that we had sort of this conversation once before, Scout. I understand your points now that I think back to what you said then. Still, I can't go that far. I have to work within what system we have now to try to change it. However, we need people on all sides to keep tugging away toward balance.

I haven't yet completely made up my mind as to which Liberal candidate I would prefer, but I do think that given what we are being offered the choices are better than we've seen in a long time and so I have more hope today than I had, say, 6-12 months ago. I think we need to "get there" to the world you have described to me before, and I don't realistically see how to get there except in steps.
You obviously do your part in many ways, including on this blog, but also in your community, etc. We're both working toward the same thing, in our ways. Thanks for the vent forum! It's possible I am in need of a deep muscle massage. :)
haha, that's ok cheez, anytime you want to vent here, be my guest!!! there's is certainly truth that much has to be worked at from inside the system, no doubt. i'm not the person to do that. hey, i've been looking at iggy's homepage tonight and can't find anything on aboriginal or women's issues, so i emailed then. found any links yet? ask hubby for a massage, wait, according to your latest commentor, you cant be a feminist and have a husband and family....oh brother :)
I find it quite fitting that Ignatief would be mentioned in a thread pertaining to taking foreign objects up the butt.

The neoCanadian tourist is by far the worst creature in the Lib Leadership race, (a pale shadow of Stevicon) and his anointing would be proof positive that the Libs and Neocons have very few differences where their underlying agendas are concerned.
Although it is slim pickens in the running choices the myth of the “liberal lesser evil” would stand naked in the wind if Iggy took the reigns.
Regardless as to who leads the “liberals”, aside from a few oft bandied token social issues the Libs and Neocons are simply two sides of a conjoined control system that must be brought down.
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