October 02, 2006

Forever, Ever, Hold Your banner High (high high!)

They're pulling coup's everywhere! Congratulations, Steve, on your new banner that includes the logo of you church The Christian and Missionary Alliance In Canada.

Can't wait to check the mail to see if my t-shirt with banner and built in chip has arrived! Oh boy!

It's funny, when I look at that banner my mind's eye wants to replace coup with GOP. Can't imagine why.
hmmm. careful bruce, don't give me ideas :)
What a banner!

Would you mind coming to clean my computer screen? It's your fault that it has tea all over it!

GAB (now officially great)
ricky, and such an honour, gee, i wish i could have that on my letterhead.

hey aunty!!! congrats on the great! ok, i'll come over and wipe the tea off, but only if you give me some cookies :) heading over to your site now to see if there's any pics of the great up.
Ack! I thought this was serious for a minute!!! Not the coup part, all I saw was the Christian blahblah stuff. I went "What the @#$*!!!" , slammed my tea on the desk, had a rage-gasm and everything.

I should have known better;)
jj, ragegasm, love it. quite the little site, isn't it? had to google around a fair bit to get there. that one ost of montreal simon's got me to wondering.

click on the site again for multiple ragegasms....
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