October 20, 2006

Kim Jong Sings 'I'm Sorry'

North Korea bad boy Kim Jong has expressed regret over testing nukes. The little guy immediatley hit the recording studios and sang his rendition of Brenda Lee's big time hit.

I'm sorry, so sorry
That I was such a fool
I didn't know
Sanctions could be so cruel
Oh, oh oh oh,
Oh, yes.

You tell me mistakes
Are part of being Napolean
But that don't right
The wrong that's done

(I'm sorry) I'm sorry
(so sorry) So sorry
Please accept my apology
I lost my mind
And I'm blind from the flash to see
OH, oh oh oh
Uh-oh U.S. and China behind Japanese
Oh, yes

*reports today say Condi-deville has heard no apology from kim jong.

Looks like he's got an MC Hammer thing going on...whaddya think? It is something to see him all bent over like that at the combined 'diplomatic' will of China and the US, personally I think they should make some exotic condolizzard soup.
I'm still trying to figure this one out, something's not right. The only thing I can think is North Korea used all their nuclear capability on one blast and now their finding a way out of backing it up again. Strange way to do business.
amelopsis, cpndolizzard soup would be great along with some crackpots. kim jong's going for the cool look , i should have given him some bling.

bruce, it's a strange one all right....it's like the guy wanted world attetion, got it , and now has to write 100 times on the blackboard....is he the bart simpson of world power? do we take him at face value or know he'll get up to dirty tricks again? did the bush privatized war mmongers fund him to 'prove' another cuase?
Boy, I woulda loved to have been a fly on the wall during the very recent meeting the Chinese diplomats had with North Korea's glorious leader.

Ah well, whatever was said appears to have calmed things down.

One hopes.

Here's an exercise in fascination...

go to NASA or anywhere else and get a night-time satellite shot of South-East Asia...you know, around Japan, Korea, Singapore...like that.

Okay, now look where North Korea is. It's easy to find: it's the place where there's land and lotsa people but damn little electricity. Black like lights out.

Unless all the lights are out 'cause all the beds are rockin'
ron, hmmmm....very inerestinga bout the lights. breeding time? energy shortage? with today's sophisicated gear one wouldn't think blackout measure would be needed. course when were those satellite shots of NK taken? but.....i'll call moneypenny and we'll get on it.

BTW i'm at a friends computer and these graphics come across as HUGE. regualr desktop pc, but they'r way smaller on my mac laptop....how's it for everyone viewing?
KJI likes attention, but he was sort of manageable until the bush administration named him as part of the (cue scary music) Axis of Evil.

Yet another way that Georgie's made the world safer.

No mac??? My sympathies.
scout: I couldn't find a satellite night shot of the korean peninsula that looked any different, and I did look around some. I'm not sure of the dates, but I looked for different shots--you know, some close ups, some from different satellites, different agencies...
North Korea IS largely in the dark. The general population starves. It's not just western propaganda.

And...here's an article on the Six Nations http://tinyurl.com/yzykf9 just passed onto me by Mickey Z http://www.mickeyz.net/

(Scout, I'll check for an email and send you a screenshot for your browser comparison)
oh - just noticed your email's not published...if you're interested in a screenshot, just drop me a line :)
jj,it was hell without a mac! a pc virus laden computer. i almost had to call 911 but i got over it. ya, the little guy sure does like his attention. i like the way google images has so many pics of him done up as mini-me.

amelopsis...heading to the url now...yes, would love a screenshot! i'll zip ya an email.
Been a Jong time, been a Jong time, been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonley time...
OOCH, me cold had me post as anonymous!!!

havril, i can hear the screaming guitar.....and king jong singing it but a few octaves up then normal.
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