October 09, 2006

"Take That, American Pig Dog!"

Rumours of North Korea testing a nuclear bomb have surfaced. The U.S. , along with Russian, South Korea and Japan all say they detected seismalogial waves that indicate underground testing.

We here at Harper Valley were given a different story from the North Korean government.


Did they dig a tunnel all the way through the earth? Maybe that dump will land right on the Chimperor's Oval Office desk, eh?
I heard Kim Jong has been flushing non-stop. That should clean up the Chimperor. Oval Office must be flooded by now. Foley is very positive on that. He is swiming in all that stuff. May be he is seeing something.
My renewed faith in the world


bill, i guess if we've been digging holes to china sincee kids maybe north koreans have been doing the same :)

the anon, it's rumoured the 'drop' was a three coiler. should be enough to cover the chimp and foley.

gab, geeze, that vid had me in tears! you're right, a renewed hope...thanks :)

Now there is an idea the UN should take on!
At first I wondered how much of this might be repub propaganda so they could say that people still need to vote for them to protect them from all the evils in the world. But let’s face it, this looks really bad for them, yet another case of ignoring a real threat while they’re chasing after made up ones. Jackasses.

Scout, You don’t have an e-mail address anywhere that I can see, send me an e-mail at brucetude@yahoo.ca I have a file I want to send you.
if it was so ignored, like 911, makes ya wonder how much they had a hand in things. korea vs. whom? looks like japan and s. korea may be a first stop....that should get u.s. weapon sales up to help cover the cost of their wars and line their pockets some more. hell of a way to do business. thanks alot, creeps.
Paranoia is Sooooooooooo profitable, eh?

Canada did not appear on the list on Global National tonight as a member of the Nuclear Elite! Maybe we need to acquire a few from the Brits or Russians...Just in case we need them?
well, candu, candu. maybe steve's not ready to show his rod yet.

heard that the oil sands guys want a nuclear power plant up there to extract the stuff. wonderful, great,great.
with a side of carrott juice! made for a whopper.
"GODDAMN CALIFORNIA SPINACH!!!!!" Good one Sheena. So that was what Kim Jong ate. It all makes sense now.
Was this Rove's October surprise? L'il Kim takes a dump? heh.
I miss my spinach salads. Why can't people wash their hands after they go to the bathroom?

The problem with the spinach is that the E. Coli has gotten inside the plants. Apparently the fields were being irrigated with doo doo water!
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