June 19, 2006

Marhall Law


judge david marshall: i don't 'bleep' get it. why the 'bleep' doesn't anyone do anything? no one's listening to my 'bleep' words. those red-skinned savages are 'bleep' with canadian law. the media's right. i have property there! they should get off my 'bleep' land. mcguinty's buying the henning's 'bleep' land back. then we'll turn it into a park and spray it with pesticides and herbacides. that will show the 'bleep' injuns.

we'll put a monument on it of john a. macdonald and the other conquerors of this nation. 'bleep' , why can't the injuns understand? can't they get it through their 'bleep' heads they are terrorists? i'm getting a 'bleep' headache. some clan 'bleep' mother won't take her sunglasses off. what the 'bleep' kind of injun would do that, oh i get it, a 'bleep' terrorist one.

bailiff! i need to change my 'bleep' depends. court will take a 15 minute recess. and bailiff, bring in the 'bleep' kangaroo!

Fantastic! You really should consider putting it all into a collection of short stories (in a book)... if you aren't already doing so.. honestly!

(I could maybe send some thoughts too when I'm not having a headache from all the crap I see/hear daily in my dealings with the 'sheeple'.... and perhaps Cheezwhiz could contribute too.. )
hahaha, love the 'sheeple'!!!!
naw, never thought of that...it would be a pretty limited market i think. but thanks :)
I read the linked article earlier today. Very funny with the South Park thingy... I generally love her (?) articles, and parts of this were great, too. I guess I do think that sometimes she steps over a line that, although understandable, doesn't add to her credibility with anyone already wary - some of her references could be construed as racist themselves... I do get where she is coming from, and it's not the content of her messages that are potentially problematic, but the approach and the asides. Seriously, the south park referecnes in your forum are hilarious, but as constructive critique from someone who really wants her points to be heard and taken seriously, I wonder if she would consider writing for a wider forum than those already "on her side" -- in other words, curb her (on the ball, btw) sarcasm at points to make a more serious attempt at being picked up by a mainstream media...? Maybe it's not what she wants, though... To me, I think that is where we need her perspectives - somewhere where more of the unconverted can be persuaded by her truths. I don't really mean she has to be politically correct, per se, just perhaps leave out some of the superfluous commentary (re:fat people, "one of those Jewish hats", etc...) Maybe two versions - one on another web site? Just a thought. I must say I did think "Attempted Murder, My Ass!" was priceless ! No, on second thought, please don't let her change...!
I guess Ms. Kahentinetha Horn just would not be her own self, if she were to adopt a more politically-correct style. She writes it like she sees/feels it. Sometimes acerbic, often caustic, but always highly charged with her astute observations, emotions and feelings. Love her or hate her, she does leave her mark. (I personally am a big fan of hers. :)

I agree with Cheezwhiz, that "on second thought, please don't let her change".

My best regards to both of you. :)

And I still think Scout should put together a book. I would be the first customer.... and maybe Cheezwhiz... ?
your 'on second thought' is the best answer , in my opinion. KH's articles sometimes have to be read a few times, each time a new meaning becomes evident.

her articles are done with love, which comes from her passion. i'm sure if a jew wearing one of 'those funny hats' were to say 'a mohawk wearing one of those funny feather hats' , she'd laugh.

and ya, i don't think kh is vying for mainstream medai.....she's radical and inspires those mainstreamers to write accordingly. we all have our place, n'est pas?

annamarie......ya, you gotta love her!

as for a book, you're more then welcome to take whatever's here, complle and edit, get copyright approval for some of the pics, publish it and send me some of the proceeds :)
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