July 06, 2006

There's One in Every Crowd (or 2, or 3, ad nauseum)

Hey, while we're waiting for photo-op du mois (Bush/Harper: Flaccidwood Bumble Steal) , let's pick on this guy!!!

North Korean leader Kim Jong-li is thought to be a very secretive man with a hang-up about his height (5'3"). He wears platform shoes and keeps the old coiffe spread high to give the illusion of height.

As for the missiles, well, boys will be boys, and maybe Kim just wants to let the world know he's got a penis. Is that so bad...YES! Come on Jong, Bush et al, we know you have sex organs, or at least we presume you do, so get off your peeing on every tree trip and tuck those 'weapons' back inside your gaunchies.

Ya gotta admit, the guy's timing is perfect with the U.S. and so many other countries involved in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. But can he dance?

Does it matter that Kimmy's been covering up his past, well, ask Georgie who's attempted the same. At least in Faux Democracy we have some chance of revealing cover-ups.

Kimmy, get a femur transplant or just accept and be proud of your height!!! Ay yi yi, another loon bent on world supremacy.

This beats the crap out of Knightwhathisass blog.
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