July 06, 2006

The Boobsy Twins

Don't they look great in their matching uni's??? They're workin' Hard! Georgie called Harper Steve, so wow, what an 'in' for us!

'Steve' hands over Canaduh for Georgie's 60th birthday surprise.

Look! A glimpse of Cruella deRice with Homeland Security Guy Michael Jerkoff keeping close tabs on his luger.

Wish I could have been there but I was busy washing my Heir.

*Let's see...a quick check at Democracy Now, NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, BBC....nope, Harper only made headlines in Canaduh. Seems Ken Lay's (Enron) death, Isreal/Palestine, Mexican vote recount and of course, Iraq were the U.S. News source choices. Sorry Stephie! Oops, pardon me, that's 'STEVE'.

Ha! Brings a whole new meaning to the expression Bad Heir Day!
yes, and it seems the couple are intent on 'heir do's'.
Where was the Penticton RCMP to arrest Harper for giving Bush a blowjob in public. The fact that Harper (he is our "Prime Minister" is he not, looked more like a Texas oil monger)) stands beside and bloviates over this despicable war criminal is a sad day for Canada.
i think the rcmp were givng blowjobs to each other that day. THEN they went out to arrest gays.
Heir, heir!
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