July 13, 2006

He's a Mild and Crazy Guy !!!

Leisure-suit Steve! He's on his way to Europe with wife, Boreen, in his all new 'let loose' image. Now that Bush has given Steve the go-ahead to let his hair down a bit, he's traded in his Stanfield tighty-whities for hockey boxers to let his puppies get some field play and his wang-dang-doodle can nyetoodle in Russia.

Yes, it's Gr8 Slumpit time in St. Petersburg! Human Rights are not on the Agenda, but then the Right has no humans. Stepford Steve also stops in England to meet Tonybalongna and the Queen's Corgies. Then it's Rive Droite time in France. Jacques Chirac Legomaniac is expected to poo-poo Big Steve about the Kyoto Protocol, but with his pups swinging, expect that certain je ne sais quoi attitude (U.S. version= patriot certain something ).

Have fun, Steve and Boreen, and don't forget to send boastcards!!!

HEY HEY! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me some comments!!! I'm not sure where Liz saw that pic of young Matt and Cass... I'll go look for it and email it to you... it is HI-LAR-I-OUS!

Looking forward to seeing the "FUG"'s in Saskatchewan next week!!!
I checked my campus mail this morning and have spent the last hour with a big freaking smiling glow on my face and what I can only describe as love in my heart. It may sound silly, but this is the best thing anyone has done for me since who knows when...you're REAL!!!

(My laptop died - on my daughter's pc - will e-mail as soon as I'm up and running again)

hy yfnk! and remember i have denounced the title of faw to fcw (cousin)....i hereby reliquish all age barriers.

CHEEZ!!!! thought you'd gone on vacation or disappeared of the face of the earth (hmm, could be one and the same). glad ya got the package , enjoy enjoy away!!!!
Should be fun for all involved.
No, Chirac will be bored(he hates vodka)...
Yikes that's scary! Ya, I'm sure he'll wow them.
knight....what, chirac hates vodka? sheesh. ok, bring in the champaigne i guess. a little bubbly should make them loosen their ties a few notches.

q, i think steve will make a splash! boreen's supposed to have packed the disco ball.
Sorry... But I will always be your "N"...
knight....what, chirac hates vodka?
Who doesn't? Chirac's just a whiney prick that never has any fun.

"sheesh. ok, bring in the champaigne i guess."
Yea, the barley champagne.
And kick that fem French bitch the fuck out(that geek putin too) and bring in da whores!!!
knight, the G8 are the whores, which is a bit insulting to whores, but after some champers and beluga whale cavier i'm sure they'll be merry re-enacting caligula.
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