July 20, 2006

So How Come...

So how come Great Britian managed to get a Naval Ship to Lebanon, transport U.K. citizens to Cyprus and fly them to Gatwick on a chartered flight 'in very organized fashion', and four more Naval vessels will arrive today? This while Canada has just put the Canadian Navy on 48 hour alert and there have been nothing but complaints from Canadians stuck in Lebanon about how dis-organized the operation is and how rude the Service people handling it have been.

Our Naval vessels would leave from Halifax...the question is do we still have ships in Hawaii participating in RIMPAC, and do we have ships close to or at the Mid-East according to the Armed Forces operations map shown here?

I'm putting my head back in the sand, at least there's a few grains of truth there.

I think our response to the evacuation emergency was... measured. How fast do you think they can find a fleet of Omar Sherif buses anyway?
yes, i measure my feats by the cubit...just a biblical hang up.

as for sherif...i hear he has an old convoy stashed in syria...given some road closures etc., they could probably get to the stranded in , oh , about 2 hours.
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