July 17, 2006

It's a Wrap!

Yes, they're certainly Gr8! Stephen Steve Stepan's official media report varifies that they were successful in addressing issues in THEIR world.

Hi S.

The Monolithic monkeys of despair…

fyi, Y.Y.C is Corinne Allen's
YaYa Canada.
She is good.
She linked your 'cabineto' post via my mess.
(Scroll around, taste tha'flava.)
hi fox.....nice alliteration.

oh ok! i go to that site anyways!!!!!
Too bad the photographers weren't quick witted enough to shoot theses mokeys when they were scratching each other's nuts and picking each other's nits.
Gosh, timethief, I thought photo ops like this was them scratching each other's nuts and picking each other's nits.

Greight post, scout.
timethief and alison.....i'm almost finished my morning coffee.....mood is lifting.....WHAM, your comments have uplifted my humour and i can ride b.c. ferries with a sense of well being! you're Greight!

btw, please check out creekside and stolen moments of island time on the sidebar....both provocative reading and alison adds her snide humour too.

youngfox will inundate you with insight and travels far afield in cyber world to create some of his great posts.
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