July 19, 2006

How To Rescue Canadians in Lebanon

Not only is he good looking and charming, but Omar Sherif is probably one of the most popular movie stars in the Mid-East. Egytian born, Christian raised but converted to Islam, he has a Jewish son and Muslim daughter. PLUS he's popular in Isreal as said he didn't want his daughter raised Muslim....which pissed off the Muslims for a while but all is forgotten, especially when there's kliegs to be shining.

A fleet of 'Omar Sherif On-Location Tour Busses' transporting Canadians in Lebanon as crew could easily make it's way to Syria then up to Turkey where planes could bring evacuees home.

Naw, it's too simple for any bureacracy to handle.

This is brilliant Scout, people may or may not be fans but while their discussing it amongst themselves, you know coffee talk, the bus will be out of shooting range. Each bus will need a different popular celebrity though, there are many converts or those born of Jewish mothers, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis Jr., Liz Taylor....
q, ya, we gotta find the celebs who have the jewish and muslim tie-in though. maybe cat stevens...if we researched him we might find some jewish heritage, his conversion to muslim will keep his bus safe in lebanon. google, look out!!!
You're asking for a lot. We may have to wait for Madonna to find Allah.
there's a thought! i wonder how they'd feel about peter o'toole?
And... Omar starred with Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl.
cheez!!!!! yer back!!!! let's see, streisand's jewish....does she have any muslim fans?
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